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10/23 - 11/27/2010

Friday, October 08, 2010


CONCEPT: Because Treasure Hill is located along one of Taipei’s busiest bicycle paths, we’ve decided to create a new type of Drive-in Theater, and we’re inviting all of Taipei to drive in on their bicycles and watch some films with us. We’ll be showing one film a week for about six weeks in October and November. Aside from a special surprise we have prepared for Halloween, these films will be documentaries we’ve chosen because they’re both entertaining and tell us important things about the world around us. In recent decades, the world has been changing incredibly fast, and documentaries not only capture these changes most directly, they also reflect more basic changes, because they represent a democratization of the filmmaking process. Different groups of people are now more able to make films than ever before, especially women, activist groups, subculture groups and members of the developing world. As a result, views of “the world” are changing, and through documentary film we are seeing a richer and more diverse landscape of events. These events can be geopolitical news events, virtual events that take place through the media, or the grass-roots cultural developments. What they have in common, and what documentary captures best, is how these are all also human events, involving real people living real lives. All films will be free to the public, and we will invite some directors for audience Q&A sessions, workshops and screenings.

First off, we recommend plastic wine glasses, because they will not break and certainly look better than paper cups. But seriously, these screenings will be outdoors and seating will consist of a lovely grassy park, so we recommend you prepare yourself just a bit. Good things to bring include: blankets and mats to sit on, camping chairs, mosquito repellent, a lunchbox from your favorite restaurant, proper clothing, and anything else you think you will need. Some beverages will be available.

概念:寶藏巖位於台北市最重要自行車道途中,因此城市遊牧影展決定創造一種新式電影院。舊式汽車電影院幾乎看不見了,所以我們要往前看,來做個 「自行車電影院」,邀請台北市民踏過自行車道跟我們一起欣賞電影與寶藏巖的獨特美麗夜景。




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《血淚石油》Total Denial

***即時公告 | RAIN UPDATE***
因天候因素,10月23日的〈血淚石油〉影片放映與10月24日的導演座談會時間地點都改為10月24日下午3-6點在台北國際藝術村。請特別注意,這周在寶藏嚴的活動都取消了,不要白跑一趟喔!! 新的時間與地點如下:

Due to the typhoon, the 10/23 screening of TOTAL DENIAL and 10/24 director talk will changed to a new time and venue and combined to a single event. Please do NOT go to Treasure Hill, as all events there are canceled. The new info is as follows:

新時間 /TIME: 10/24 (日/Sun)
新地點 / PLACE: 台北國際藝術村幽竹廳(台北市北平東路7號)
Taipei Artist Village #7, Beiping E. Rd., Taipei
Milena Kaneva director forum 導演座談會
4:15pm 影片放映:卜樺 +《血淚石油》隨後 Milena Kaneva 導演問答
Film screenings, followed by director Q&A
地圖 / MAP

短片 Shorts:卜樺的數位短片 Short films by Bu Hua
中國 /2007-2010/ 12分鐘 / 無對話

卜樺是中國的Flash動畫藝術家,並曾參與重要展覽包括:上海雙年展、釜山雙年展以及各個影展(例如自2007年起參加遊牧影展!)。在卜樺許多的短片作品中總有會出現一個穿著學校制服的小女孩不斷探索著一個虛擬世界,並觀察虛擬世界中混雜的流行文化及充斥全球政治、環境惡化、工業社會疏離的黑暗現實。此次放映配合台北兩個畫廊單位Chi-Wen Gallery及就在藝術空間同步展出卜樺個展。放映的卜樺數位短片內容則包括:卜樺2010年的最新作品 -- LV森林、中國搖滾傳奇歌手左小詛咒 2010年的MV,以及深受大家喜愛的卜樺2007年的作品 -- 野蠻叢生。

Bu Hua is a Chinese artist and animator working in Flash animation, whose works have appeared in major art exhibitions like the Shanghai Biennial and Busan Biennial, and also film festivals (like Urban Nomad since 2007!). Many of her short films feature the character of a little school girl, who explores a surreal world that mixes pop culture with the dark realities of global politics, environmental degradation, and the alienation of an industrial society. This screening is held in coordination with two local art galleries now showing her works, Chi Wen Gallery and Project Fulfill Art Space. The short films include her newest work, LV Forest (2010), a music video for the Chinese rock legend Zuoxiao Zuzhou (2010), and one of our favorites, Savage Growth (2007).

《血淚石油》Total Denial
Milena Kaneva/ Bulgaria/ US / 2006 / 92min / Eng/Ch (英/中)
** 放映後導演座談 film followed by director talk

在緬甸,加州聯合石油公司和法國道達爾石油公司為保護該公司的油管工程,僱用緬甸軍政府的軍隊,在油管區進行非人道行為:武力脅迫、施虐及強暴當地居民。 緬甸人權民運人士卡索瓦Ka Hsaw Wa多次進出該地區,冒著生命危險,紀錄遭到政府加害的人民慘況和種族屠殺現場。他拍攝的影片間接促成美國史上第一起跨國控告人權侵害的訴訟案,這起官司 纏訟將近十年後,卡索瓦以及他的族人們終於獲得平反。

This documentary investigates the human rights abuses associated with the construction of an oil pipeline in Burma funded by western oil companies, UNOCAL and TOTAL. It is also the story of the one-man mission of Burmese activist Ka Hsaw Wa, a former jungle warrior wanted by authorities both in Myanmar and Thailand. Ka risks his life in video-taped border crossings to document burned out villages and scenes of genocide, all funded by US oil companies and executed by the Myanmar’s junta government. His footage and reports result in a landmark court case in the US. It is the first time foreign nationals bring a class action lawsuit against US companies – and win!

10/24 (日/Sun) 3pm
導演講座 / 緬甸人權
Discussion Forum: Filmmaking and Human Rights in Burma

As an independent filmmaker and freelance journalist, Milena Kaneva has reported from Africa, Asia, and South America, reporting for World Wide Television News, RAI (Italy), PBS and National Geographic Television, among others. Her reports on the Dalai Lama from India and her interview with the Nobel Prize laureate for Peace, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, kept under house arrest by the Burmese military junta for the last fifteen years, were broadcast around the world. Here she will discuss her experiences in Burma with members of the Taiwan chapter of the Free Burma Network, including Tony Yang and Bai Yi-jun.

米莉娜˙卡妮瓦 (Milena Kaneva) 是一名特約記者,也是一位獨立紀錄片的導演,她多年來報導政治與人權的新聞,曾播出於美國公共電視 (PBS)、國家地理頻道 (National Geographic Television)、義大利國家電視台 Rai 等媒體,也曾前往印度拍攝達賴喇嘛的專題報導,她訪問過緬甸異議人士翁山蘇姬,並向全世界播送。2006年她完成《血淚石油》之後,仍繼續以影片紀錄緬甸 人權危機。在本次的座談會中,Milena Kaneva 將分享她在緬甸拍片的經驗,台灣緬甸自由網絡的成員、環境法律人協會以及具緬甸難民實務服務經驗的白宜君,將一同討論如何協助改善緬甸當前的種種困境與危 機。

導演講座 / 緬甸人權

***即時公告 | RAIN UPDATE***
因天候因素,10月23日的〈血淚石油〉影片放映與10月24日的導演座談會時間地點都改為10月24日下午3-6點在台北國際藝術村。請特別注意,這周在寶藏嚴的活動都取消了,不要白跑一趟喔!! 新的時間與地點如下:

Due to the typhoon, the 10/23 screening of TOTAL DENIAL and 10/24 director talk will changed to a new time and venue and combined to a single event. Please do NOT go to Treasure Hill, as all events there are canceled. The new info is as follows:

新時間 /TIME: 10/24 (日/Sun)
新地點 / PLACE: 台北國際藝術村幽竹廳(台北市北平東路7號)
Taipei Artist Village #7, Beiping E. Rd., Taipei
Milena Kaneva director forum 導演座談會
4:15pm 影片放映:卜樺 +《血淚石油》隨後 Milena Kaneva 導演問答
Film screenings, followed by director Q&A
地圖 / MAP

導演講座 / 緬甸人權

Discussion Forum: Filmmaking and Human Rights in Burma

As an independent filmmaker and freelance journalist, Milena Kaneva has reported from Africa, Asia, and South America, reporting for World Wide Television News, RAI (Italy), PBS and National Geographic Television, among others. Her reports on the Dalai Lama from India and her interview with the Nobel Prize laureate for Peace, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, kept under house arrest by the Burmese military junta for the last fifteen years, were broadcast around the world. Here she will discuss her experiences in Burma with members of the Taiwan chapter of the Free Burma Network, including Tony Yang and Bai Yi-jun.

米莉娜˙卡妮瓦 (Milena Kaneva) 是一名特約記者,也是一位獨立紀錄片的導演,她多年來報導政治與人權的新聞,曾播出於美國公共電視 (PBS)、國家地理頻道 (National Geographic Television)、義大利國家電視台 Rai 等媒體,也曾前往印度拍攝達賴喇嘛的專題報導,她訪問過緬甸異議人士翁山蘇姬,並向全世界播送。2006年她完成《血淚石油》之後,仍繼續以影片紀錄緬甸人權危機。在本次的座談會中,Milena Kaneva 將分享她在緬甸拍片的經驗,台灣緬甸自由網絡的成員、環境法律人協會以及具緬甸難民實務服務經驗的白宜君,將一同討論如何協助改善緬甸當前的種種困境與危機。

《搖滾狂人》Wild Zero

時: 10/31 (日/Sun) 7:30pm (HALLOWEEN!!!!)
地: 寶藏巖 台北市汀州路3段230巷
TREASURE HILL: Dingzhou Rd, Sec. 3, Lane 230 (go to the end)
費: 免費
地圖 / MAP

短片: 濁水溪公社MV回顧

LTK Commune Music Video Retrospective
**Director and Band Members will attend

今年九月,台灣地下樂團”濁水溪公社”成立滿二十周年。為了慶祝這個台灣最棒的搖滾樂團、最佳本土性代言團已經二十歲了,我們即將為大家放送他們的MV,一起親自見證他們這些年來的成長歷程。~~~ P.S. 導演和濁水溪公社將會參與出席這個活動。

The rock band LTK Commune celebrated its 20th anniversary in September, so what better time to look back at their music videos? Trace their bizarre history in these video documents of Taiwan’s greatest rock’n’roll band.

《搖滾狂人》Wild Zero
竹內鐵郎 (Tetsuro Takeuchi)/ Japan / 2000 / 98min / Jp/En/Ch 日/英/中

史上最酷搖滾樂團大戰外星殭屍!武器呢?就是搖滾樂!主唱在屁股口袋的皮夾裡放了什麼?就是搖滾樂職照! 誰是史上最酷搖滾樂團?他們不是演員,而是真的存在的樂隊,是來自日本的 GUITAR WOLF!這部電影的標語是什麼?廢物與災難!為什麼要看這部?因為是萬聖節,而且這部電影酷斃了!電影裡面有日本變態與搖滾怪咖嗎?當然有!還有什麼? 不用問!趕快來寶藏巖看這部電影就對啦!

The coolest rock ‘n roll band in the world fights zombies from outer space! What is their weapon? rakenrol! What does the lead singer carry in the wallet on his ass? A Rock and Roll License? Who plays the part of the coolest band in the world? They are not actors. They are in fact the coolest band in the world: Japan’s Guitar Wolf! What is the tagline of this movie? TRASH AND CHAOSSSS!!! Why are we showing this? It is Haloween and this movie is awesome!! Does this movie also include weird rock ‘n roll coming of age story and lots of perverts? YES! YES! YES! What else do you need to know? Nothing!!! Just get your ass to Treasure Hill and watch this film!


《 一個好人 》 A Good Man


CHANGE OF SCHEDULE: due to rain, screening rescheduled to 11/20
...........(originally 11/06)

新時間: 11/20 (六/Sat) 7:30pm
地: 寶藏巖 台北市汀州路3段230巷
TREASURE HILL: Dingzhou Rd, Sec. 3, Lane 230 (go to the end)
費: 免費
地圖 / MAP

短片 Shorts: 創想計畫 (一)Creators Project (1)

片子 Films: Peaches, Boys Noize, Peng Lei (17分鐘 )

創想計畫是由各種不同形式的藝術表現方式所結合而成的一個網站平台,不管是音樂、美術、影片、設計、建築或是任何你想的到的表現手法,都在這個網站裏面。當初網站成立時就是為了讓更多人看到這些想法和創意。這個網站的特色在於融合了一些藝術家的創意作品以及他們所製作的簡短紀錄片。而那也就是我們這次設立這些單元的最吸引人的地方。這個單元有前陣子剛來過台灣表演的Peaches(暴力蜜桃)、和十月十日即將來台表演的德國DJ Boys Noize,以及曾來台兩次的中國超新星龐克團---新褲子(New Pants)主唱:彭磊的影像作品,像是MV、視覺藝術……等等。


The Creators Project is an online platform for that has set out to display creativity across all platforms, whether music, arts, video, design, architecture or you name it. It features both the creative works of its artists as well as short documentaries on them that it produced, and that’s what we’re featuring here: short docs on the music and performance of Peaches, the German DJ Boys Noize, and the Chinese musician and filmmaker Peng Lei. The Creators Project is created by Intel and Vice Magazine. These Chinese-subtitled screenings come courtesy of their China partner,

《 一個好人 》 A Good Man
Safina Uberoi/Australia/2009/80min /En/Ch (英/中)


Seldom have we ever seen a documentary that was both so funny and so touching. Chris Rohrlach seems like an ordinary Australian bloke from the country, but he has an extraordinary story: fourteen years ago, his pregnant girlfriend Rachel had a massive stroke that left her incurably quadriplegic. Undeterred, the couple were married shortly after their son was born. Years on, with another baby on the way this inspiring couple decided they needed a second income. The solution? Open a brothel in their conservative country town. Filmmaker Safina Uberoi directs a compelling and sensitive film about love, commitment and resilience.

《混製宣言》RiP! A Remix Manifesto

時: 11/14 (日/Sun) 7:30pm
地: 寶藏巖 台北市汀州路3段230巷
TREASURE HILL: Dingzhou Rd, Sec. 3, Lane 230 (go to the end)
費: 免費
地圖 / MAP

片子: Diplo, CSS (12分鐘)

今晚的主題是Remix,我們將從創想計畫中的兩位藝術家把氣氛帶到最高點! 分別是廣受大家歡迎的美國DJ Diplo以及曾經要來台的巴西俏妞CSS的影片,相信這一晚大家會High翻天! 一起與我們狂歡吧~~~

Tonight’s theme is remix, so we’re warming up with two artists from the Creators Project stable that have embraced the Internet in a big way, the American DJ Diplo, and the Brazilian dance-rock band CSS.

《混製宣言》RiP! A Remix Manifesto
Brett Gaylor/Canada/2009/80min / En/Ch (英/中)

《混製宣言》是一部關於版權和混製文化的紀錄片。網路行動者及導演布雷特 ˙蓋勒在訊息時代探討版權問題,顛覆二十世纪媒體傳統形象,且打破大眾和媒體人的隔閡。電影主角Girl Talk為一名混製音樂創作者,他放歌的時候,連 Paris Hilton 上台跳舞 ,但他到底是草根力量楷模還是侵權行為引領者呢?從 Mickey Mouse 到 Metallica, 來看版權的影響力跨到我們所有的文化生產,也來聽如何 Muddy Waters 的音樂變成 Rolling Stones 的歌,再來透過 The Verve 的詮釋改成另外一個東西,最後出現在 Nike 的廣告的時候,也變成訴訟的主題。知識共享創始人勞倫斯˙萊斯格、巴西文化部長吉爾伯托˙吉爾、大眾文化批評家科利˙多克托羅一同探討此問題。

RiP: A remix Manifesto is a documentary film about copyright and remix culture. It starts off by following the mash-up artist Girl Talk, who’s topping the charts (and even meeting Paris Hilton) with his sample-based songs. But is Girl Talk about people power or piracy? Creative Commons founder, Lawrence Lessing, Brazil's Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil and pop culture critic Cory Doctorow all add perspective on how copyright has comes to affect everything from Mickey Mouse to Metallica. Follow songs from Muddy Waters to the Rolling Stones to the Verve and finally Nike commercials, and witness the ridiculous and era-defining lawsuits that ensue. If you listen to music regularly – any music! - this film is for you.

《紐約滑板客大事記》Deathbowl to Downtown

時: 11/27 (六/Sat) 7:30pm
地: 寶藏巖 台北市汀州路3段230巷
TREASURE HILL: Dingzhou Rd, Sec. 3, Lane 230 (go to the end)
費: 免費
地圖 / MAP

SHORTS 短片:創想計畫
Films 影片: 雷磊,Danny Perez, Carsick Cars (12分鐘)

今夜為我們帶來視覺上饗宴的是都來自北京的設計師雷磊和曾三度來台表演的火紅龐克團Carsick Cars 暈暈車! 這場放映同時也是美國一位知名的影像導演Danny Perez的作品大全。他曾經幫一些很酷炫的團拍過音樂錄影帶,像是Animal Collective 和黑骰子樂團 (Black Dice)。

Tonight, the Creators Project gives us designer Ray Lei and the rock band Carsick Cars, both from Beijing. There is also US filmmaker Danny Perez, who has directed music videos and even made films for cool bands, including Animal Collective and the Black Dice.

2 Films by Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski
**Director Q&A following screening

Coan “Buddy” Nichols 與 Rick Charnoski 1998年認識,一下子就發先他們都超愛兩個東西,一個是玩滑板,另一個是以超八米厘底片為拍電影。他們兩個也是那種為了尋找聽說過的傳奇玩滑板的地方,願意開車兩天,不管是在德州,奧勒岡州,或是加州的無水的游泳池。這十年來,他們一直靠著這種素材拍了許多電影,片中的又粗糙又美麗的美學感夠好引起著明獨立電影導演 Gus van Sant 的主意,他後來利用他們的一些片斷在《迷幻公園》 (Paranoid Park) 一部電影裡。 Rick 與 Buddy 拍過電視廣告,MV,短片電影,紀錄片等不同類型的作品,我們現在非常的高興他們能來台北發表部新作!11月27日晚上播放電影之外,他們還會參加寶藏嚴11月27日至28日的 open studio,我們想歡迎大家過來遊牧影展的工作室好好認識。

Coan “Buddy” Nichols and Rick Charnoski met in New York in 1998 through skateboarding and shared an interest in super 8 film. They were the kind of guys who would drive halfway across America to skate a ramp in a backyard in Texas, a skate park in Oregon, or some empty swimming pools in California. They made films about all these things with a beautiful and grainy aesthetic of film, one so powerful Gus van Sant used some of their footage for his film Paranoid Park. Rick and Buddy have been making skate films for more than 10 years now, and also TV commercials, fashion films, music videos, short movies and documentaries. Their biggest so far is Deathbowl to Downtown (2008), a history of skateboarding in New York.

For the open studio at Treasure Hill Artist Village on Nov. 27-28 (Sat-Sun), Rick and Buddy will install some of their earlier films inside their studio. Anyone is welcome to come hang out with them.

Blood Shed
2009/ US/ 24min/ En/Ch

很多年前,美國最早最有名的滑板雜誌 《Thrasher》登上一篇文章,是描述一群年輕人,他們為了玩滑板而侵入陌生人的後院,可是不知道那家裡面住著崇拜撒旦的一群邪教徒。在這部短的劇情片中,大家可以猜後續是甚麼。。。

This short horror film is based on an old article in the first great American skateboard magazine, Thrasher. The article was about a bunch of kids who went to skate a pool at a house inhabited by a satanic cult. Guess what happens next?

《紐約滑板客大事記》Deathbowl to Downtown
2008/ US/ 86min/ En/Ch
Rick 跟 Buddy 一直說這部紀錄片“不應該視為紐約市滑板場景的正式歷史”,不過到現在都沒有更好的版本。為了拍這部,他們花了三年,訪問跟這個歷史有關的超過一百位,也整理好了數千老照片與數百個小時的老 VHS 錄影帶。在這個過程中,導演們一直遇上某一些故事,這部紀錄片就是收集這些故事的結果。透過敘述者 Chloe Sevigny (《Dogville》,《The Brown Bunny》,《Kids》) 的旁白,我們也看見滑板文化是如何從加州的衝浪文化的一個來源而登上陸地,後來傳染到美國各地郊區,終於在80年代的紐約經過一個很關鍵的變化,變成目前還流行的“街頭滑板”模式。

Rick and Buddy say this movie is “not meant to be viewed as the THE HISTORY of skateboarding in New York City,” but it is certainly the best one so far. They spent three years interviewing over 100 people from every generation of the NY skate scene and went through thousands of archival photos and hundreds of hours of footage. Throughout this process the same stories came up over and over. This film, narrated by Chloe Sevigny, is a collection of those stories. It’s also the tale of how skateboarding came out of the ocean in California, then spread to the suburbs all across America, and then in the 1980s underwent an important transformation in New York City, where the urban landscape finally took on a close association with skateboarding and “street skating” was born.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

腳踏車電影院:第一周 《Everywhere Now》


The weather is fine. Screening will take place as scheduled.

時: 10/3 (日/Sun) 8pm
地: 寶藏巖 台北市汀州路3段230巷
Dingzhou Rd, Sec. 3, Lane 230
地圖 / MAP



為了配合寶藏巖的開幕,遊牧影展的《腳踏車電影院》10月3日進行第一場放映,後來從10月23日至11月28日幾乎每個週末都有一場 (我們會在本網站宣佈細節)

Hey folks,

After four years of renovation, a Taipei arts district called Treasure Hill is reopening. Urban Nomad has been invited to screen films, FOR FREE! and outdoors. The first will be on Oct. 3 and will coincide with Treasure Hill's reopening weekend. After that, we'll show movies pretty much every weekend from Oct. 23 to Nov. 28 (details forthcoming on this site). The screening series is called DRIVE-IN MOVIES. Hope to see you there this Sunday!

FILM/影片:《Everywhere Now》
Bill Harvey/ 2008/ US/ 98min/ 英/中 (En/Ch)
** 反映後導演座談 film followed by director talk

比爾哈維的«沙拉油帶你環遊»中共通的議題不只振奮人心但也揪人心弦。導演比爾於2008年將自有1981年產的柴油賓士改裝為使用沙拉油的環保汽車,並開啟一段將近八千英里的長途旅程。 比爾說:「想像一下......連鎖速食店將會變成加油站。」equal parts comedy/tragedy立即拆解他的計畫,將電影的焦點由他的車轉移至他的人。超低氣溫、艱難道路和引擎無情地故障,讓這部紀錄片更像在懺悔自白。當他咒和罵罵按

Billy Harvey’s “Everywhere Now” is as much inspiring and heart wrenching, as it is universally relatable. It depicts an almost 8000 mile odyssey Billy undertook in the winter of 2008 after converting his 1981 Mercedes diesel to run on waste vegetable oil. “Think of it…Fast food chains could be the gas stations of the future” Harvey exclaims. Equal parts comedy/tragedy, the almost immediate unraveling of his plan quickly shifts the focus of this movie from his car to his character. Freezing temperatures, impossible drives, and the relentless malfunctioning of his engine slant the movie away from “documentary” and more toward “confessional”. It is here, as he honks and sputters his way across America that his insights and indomitable spirit expose the true heart of this movie...him. What we recognize of him in ourselves is what makes this story so moving. “Everywhere Now” may be a touchstone for us all, giving pause to question and almost surely encouraging one to just keep going.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

UN @ 高雄市電影圖書館 | Kaohsiung Film Archives
Time: 9/10-9/19
Place: 高雄市電影圖書館
Ticket: free

城市游牧影展有些不錯的消息: 在2010我們將要巡迴到高雄去啦! 那裏有個政府經營的”高雄電影圖書館”,他們有許多的影片檔案還有個坐的下120個人的電影院而且所有的放映會都是免費的!

We have some more good news. The 2010 Urban Nomad program will tour to one more city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan's second largest city and one of the largest shipping hubs in Asia. (Your computer has probably been there even if you haven't.) They have a wonderful facility called the Kaohsiung Film Archive, a government run film house with a film library and 120-seat theater. All the screenings are completely free to the public.

下載完高雄時間表 | Download Kaohsiung schedule


Time: 9pm, 9/11
Place: Brickyard 高雄市前金區中山二路507號地下一樓
Ticket: see below
訂位專線: 07-215-0024/ 0930-518-044

9/11 影展開幕時在Brickyard酒吧會有個趴踢,我們在21:00時會放”Favela on Blast”、從23:00開始就會樂團表演、DJ、還會播放詭異的投影片。請趕緊告訴我們你要不要來參加!

To kick off our Kaohsiung screenings, we're showing a film and throwing a party at Brickyard. The film is Diplo's "Favela on Blast," and the party features The Blue Truckers are back at Brickyard for another Reggae filled soiree, to be followed by a bangin' dance floor led by none other than Marcus Aurelius...

Wesley Pentz (aka DIPLO) / 2008 / USA/Brazil美國/巴西 / 80min / En/Ch 英/中

位於巴西里約熱內盧的貧民窟深處,圍繞著八零年代美國節奏舞曲和傳統巴西森巴音樂的派對,正在悄悄舉行著。本片跟隨著國際知名DJ Wesley Pentz(或稱 Diplo),冒險深入龍蛇雜處之處,探究音樂和舞蹈現象。Pentz是發現發現並推揚 “baile funk”(里約放克)音樂的功臣,並透過CD的發行在歐美各地推廣。這樣的音樂起源於暴力又貧困的環境,卻使的它更為裸露,存粹並直刺人心。這部紀錄片試著以一個故事架構來探討情、愛、貧窮與自尊,並用里約熱內盧這些最被邊緣化的人物來作詮釋。當然還有英雄反派兩立的情結,以及那遏制不住的跳舞癮!




1. 有買電影票--付差額 男生250 女生50 即可暢飲
2. 沒有電影票...老樣子 男生350/女生150!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video Art: Guillaume Mazloum

The Lost Cause

France | 2010 | 12mins

以超八釐米軟片及HD數位拍攝製作,Guillaume Mazloum 的短片「失落的動機」關注於人在反叛及暴動中尋求意義的生命經驗。主角身處於反烏托邦的景況,失去一切、感到絕望。存在著的沮喪感來自人類的自由及責任,因為意義無法被定義,而是應該被實踐。主角在自我責任的隱喻中掙扎,思考自我的存在性與生命的意義。我們到底應該發起怎樣的革命?還是它僅止於本片的標題,是一個「失落的動機」?

Shot in Super 8mm film and HD digital, Guillaume Mazloum’s [The Lost Cause] hinges on the human experience search for meaning amid a rebellious uprising. A complete loss or absence of hope is discerned by the protagonist through a dystopian tableau. This existential despair marks the consequences that come with human freedom and responsibility because meaning cannot be prescribed but must be realized. The protagonist grapples with the implications of self-responsibility over who we are and what our lives mean. Whatrevolt should we lead? Or is it merely a ‘lost cause’ as the title suggests?

Guillaume Mazloum (FR)

Guillaume Mazloum 是一位結合傳統與數位創作的法國電影工作者,同時也是一位攝影師。

Guillaume Mazloum is a French filmmaker and photographer who makes work intersecting traditional and digital film.

Video Art: Raphaël Girault


France | 2005 | 6mins

恐怖事物的化身—邪靈,貫穿了這部實驗影片,迴盪著令人不舒服的恐懼與危險感。利用人類意識的邊緣找到的斷簡殘篇,以及晦澀藝術作品的片段,Spektr 結合了拼貼、雕塑及攝影,延伸了動態影像的傳統語彙。片中的視覺手法讓觀眾感知到身處鬼魅知域的恐懼,以及將至的毀滅之境。

Something widely feared as possible unpleasant danger echoes in this experimental video
through incorporeal spirits; an apparition signaling some source of terror. Using found footage from the fringes of popular consciousness and artworks of obscure scrap materials, Spektr extends beyond the traditional language of the moving image by the integration of collage, sculpture and photography. The visual tactic in this film allows us to sensate the haunting predicament of what is yet to come--total destruction.

Raphaël Girault (FR)

Raphaël Girault 拍攝電影、非主流影片,也拍攝紀錄片。他的作品曾入選Côté-Court電影節 、馬賽國際記錄片影展,以及其他大小影展。

Raphaël Girault is a filmmaker from France. Girault’s work has been selected by the Festival Côté-Court, French Film Library, the International Documentary Film Festival of Marseille, and others.

Video Art: Dolcevita Zheng


Taiwan | 2010 | 5’20”

【流】表現了時間的流動,描摹當人們迷失於時空中所產生的困惑混亂,以及其中倏忽即逝的心理回音。該實驗影片以觸發幽閉恐懼及焦慮的方式來述說失去控制的昏眩不安。朦朧彷彿催眠式的視覺捕捉與組合,交織以扭曲的影像,【流】嘗試要捕捉生命中飄渺幽微 的變化,卻也同時絕望地蔓生滋長著感懷,對於一年裡不停運行的季節──隨著流動的呼吸自然蒸散。

A representation of the flux of time, 流, which means “flow,” draws on the notions of the temporal and the psychological echoes of confusion when one experiences a loss of space and time. Evoking fears of claustrophobia and anxiety, this experimental video addresses the qualms of losing control. Shot and composed through hazy and trance-like visuals intertwined with distorted and stitched photographic imagery, 流 seeks to capture the subtle nuances and erratic moments in life while hopelessly trailing the fainting nostalgia of seasons that shift continuously throughout the year--exhaled by nature, one breath, or flow, at a time.

Dolcevita Zheng 鄭惠璞 (TW)


VJ Dolcevita is a video performance artist who makes moving images created from analog films cut-and-pasted with impressionistic hues. Displayed on large screens to create an atmospheric experience, her work is conceptually driven stemming from personal experiences and subjective observations of the everyday. VJ Dolcevita has been an active participant in music festivals and performances in Beijing and Taiwan.

Video Art: Doll Chao

Shōwa Incident

Taiwan | 2010 | 09’06”


Shōwa Incident is edited and combined by different mediums, such as photos, films, images taken from super8, DV, digital camera and cell phone. The adaption of mediums
puts emphasis on the characteristic of film and the subversive results of re-editing the digital data. To create the random effects, the artist shot the film casually. For example, by adjusting digital contrast of the over-exposed film done by a battery malfunctioned camera will generate an unusual color texture. With the nature of a super8 film, the artist uses handmade method, changes the temperature and times taken to make the qualitative change of the film. Lastly, she uses the technical skills of scanning, re-shoot, digital editing and other digital conversions to make new arrangements, also the integration of different media.

Doll Chao 趙中慧 (TW)


Chao Doll is an experimental film director and a composer, currently a member of experimental electronic band “Varo”. Her works combines the mediums of super 8, 16 mm film and digital mediums, and the theme is mostly about the arduous path under the turmoil of personal emotions and family history.

Video Art: Chris Ritson

4 Works:
〈Sirius, Bright Star of the Celestial Wolf〉,〈Pound of Flesh〉,〈Ornamental Loop〉,〈Tabloid Phoenix〉


U.S. | 2009 | total: about 5min

Chris Ritson 以剪貼多種被遺棄的肢體印刷影像作為創作媒材,重新組合出動物或是抽象的形體,來檢視混合了神話與怪誕的,關於身體、形態學和文化的議題。物體一開始以變態的人類形象出現,Ritson以精密雕刻般的學院派技巧,巧妙地將原本無趣的物體變形為超脫定義之外的複雜組成。思考自然界中事物的轉變過程,以及我們是如何了解箇中奧妙,Ritson使用水晶,一種傳統被使用在科學領域裡的物質,創造出彷彿外星球的風景,並在整部片中引領以人聲旁白。就在物質與物質之間的關聯逐漸向我們顯現的同時,關於人工或自然的內在本質,我們對於人類感知自然的全是都是無效的,反倒接近於煉金術秘方或神祕占卜。

Examining issues relating to the body, morphology and culture infused with the mysterious and grotesque, Chris Ritson’s clipped images of the body from various discarded print media is reconfigured into animals or abstract shapes. What at first appears as perversions of the human form, Ritson’s detailed sculptural and collage techniques transmogrifies the formerly banal into complex formations that escape definition.

Contemplating the transformative processes in nature and the ways in which we come to understand them, Ritson uses crystals, a medium traditionally associated with science, to create an extraterrestrial-like landscape while initiating temporal narratives through video. As the relationship between the materials used begin to unfold before us, whether intrinsic to nature or artificial, our interpretation of how we perceive nature is negated and becomes analogous to alchemical secrecy or mystic divinations.

Chris Ritson (US)

Chris Ritson 是一位多媒體藝術家,長居於舊金山灣區。他的作品關注於神祕的有機過程、持續不斷的變化、墮落腐敗,以及自然中的再生現象。

Chris Ritson is a multi-media artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work concerns mysterious organic processes, continual mutation, putrefaction, and rebirth in nature.

Video Art: Chang Deng-yao

Regeneration Project III-Popeggs

U.S. | 2009 | 5’30“


The snow-white eggs are placed one by one in a deserted microwave, piling up like a ill. In the wake of a bright beeping sound of the microwave, the egg liquid spurts everywhere, ended up recognizable shape. The simple documentary video seems to imply that with the overpopulation of human beings, the disaster is about to be triggered.

After coming to the US, I still keep being killed by...

這件作品是由兩部影片所組成的系列行為錄像作品的其中一件,拍攝於美國巴爾的摩的多處公共空間。藝術家將印有中、英文「刑案現場禁止進入Crime Scene Do Not Cross」的黃色警戒線置於公共場合的電梯門上,自己則橫臥在地,仿如行案現場的受害者。藝術家以「偽刑案」的事件介入公共空間,創造出「意外」的效果。在路人目擊事件的驚詫中,自身也入鏡成為事件的一部分。

This video art work is one of a series of the project composed by two videos, shot respectively in the public places in Baltimore, MD, USA. The artists hang the police line that says “Crime Scene! Do Not Cross!” in front of the elevator, and he lied down in it as the victim. By creating “pseudo crime scene”, the artist involves himself astonished at the sight of the scene. They become part of the event as well.

Chang Deng-yao 張登堯 (TW)

張登堯(Deng-Yao Chang),1984年生,旅美藝術家,就讀於馬里蘭藝術學院 (Maryland Institute College of Art),現居美國。

Deng-Yao Chang, born in 1984, an artist studying in Maryland Institute College of Art, nowlives in the U.S.

Video Art: Stefano Giannotti

The Walbrzych Notebook

Poland, Germany | 2009 | 9mins


A former mining site since 1535, Walbrzych is the most populated city in south-western Poland. During the 1990s, the town’s coal mines were shut down due to societal and economic changes. As a result, the people of Walbrzych experienced a social crisis from the accompanying dismissal of hundreds of workers. While the city today show signs of renewal, this film illustrates the people moving within the city’s spaces confronting their reality. Digressing from historical and economic analysis on the details that took place, the film paints an anthropological portrait; a representation of a place and time filtered through visuals and musical scores of natural sounds, speeches and instrumental music.

Stefano Giannotti (IT)

Stefano Giannotti是一位來自義大利的電影工作者,同時擁有作曲家以及表演藝術家的身分。他的電影及錄像創作主要關注於景觀、記憶、生命循環以及語言等議題,目前正在進行一項綜合探討音樂、收音機及劇場的錄像藝術創作。

Stefano Giannotti is a filmmaker, composer and performance artist from Italy. His films and video work is focused on the themes of landscape, memory, life cycles, and language. He is currently developing video art exploring the synthesis between music, radio and theatre.

Video Art: Sascha Pohle (DE)

Reframing the Artist

China, Germany | 2010 | 90mins


Artists are often portrayed having idiosyncratic behaviors, torrid love affairs, uncontrollable acts of inebriated self-destruction, or all of the aforementioned, whether in fictional or biopic films. Therefore, it is apparent that there is a preconceived notion where creative production signifies a mystification of one thing or another; such as all artists are painters by medium. These stereotypes reconfirm the failing representation of visual artists in film.

In this video, fragments from roughly fifty different films such as Pollock (2000), Surviving Picasso (1996), or La belle noiseuse (1991) are reenacted by copyist employed in the Oil Painting Village of Dafen. Situated in Shenzhen, China, Dafen is the world’s largest area of mass-produced handmade oil-on-canvas paintings supplying a global market sourced largely from Western art. The copyists in the Oil Painting Village take on different roles as amateur actors by re-enacting scenes from various films depicting artists. The mass production of master oil paintings coupled with the recurrent use of artist stereotypes in films intersects into forming a new narrative thus creating an overlap of fiction and documentary.

This shift of context, or “Reframing the Artist,” raises questions about how we
view the exotic “other” which is both the visual artist as well as the Chinese copyists.

Sascha Pohle (DE)

Sascha Pohle是一位目前居住於荷蘭的德國藝術家,對於流行文化的集體關係充滿興趣。熱中於看著他人以及自身重新演示,Pohle探究媒體中的影像是如何影響我們對於現實世界的觀點。經由參照採用電影及攝影的影像,藝術家利用自己的影片、繪畫及照片,重新解讀被挪用的文本。

Sascha Pohle is an Gernam artist living the Netherlands with an interest in our collective relation towards popular culture. Intrigued by seeing others re-enacting and himself as the re-enactor, Pohle investigates how images in the media interfere with our perspective of reality. By adapting elements from films and photographic imagery as references, the context of appropriation is reinterpreted through the artist’s own videos, drawings and prints.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hsinchu Screenings 2010 新竹2010年節目表

時間 / Time: 5/14-30
地點 / Place: 新竹市影像博物館 新竹市中正路65號 03-5285840
Hsinchu Image Museum, #65 Jhongjheng Rd, Hsinchu
門票 / tickets: $20 / $10 學生 students

All the same great films from Taipei are traveling to Hsinchu for the last two weeks of May. On 5/23, several environmentalists will be on hand for the screening of Sharkwater and Taiwan's Critically Endangered Pink Dolphins. These incluede Mr. Tsai Jia-yang (Head of the Changhua County Environmental Protection Alliance) and A-da (activist-singer). Urban Nomad director David Frazier will also be there. Hope to see you there!


5月16日晚間7時,將播映開幕片:由當代知名學者娜歐蜜•克蘭Naomi Klein同名著作改編的紀錄片《震撼主義》(THE SHOCK DOCTRINE),探討極端資本主義在世界各地所引發的效應;



Monday, May 10, 2010


The Big Nomad 大遊牧獎(首獎)10,000元:
Huang A-yao 黃信堯 / 2009 / TW / 36min / En/Tw

Audience Choice Award 觀眾票選獎 5000元:
《Company Policy》
Mark Daniels, Frans Kromhout / 2008 / TW / 25min / Ch/En

Honorable Mention 佳作:
Lu Wen-chung 呂文忠 / 2009 / US/TW / 11min


小柯 - 濁水溪公社 主唱
徐文瑞 - 獨立策展人,前任2000,2008台北雙年展策展人
王耿瑜 - 電影工作者,2010台灣國際紀錄片雙年展策展人

Thursday, April 29, 2010

歌手馬修 連恩是今天晚上的貴賓之一,關於這次的首映他表示:

“我很興奮能出席 "血色海灣"在台灣的首映會。








Canadian singer-songwriter and long-time Taiwan resident Matthew Lien will be an honored guest at tonight's screening of THE COVE. Here's what he has to say about why he's coming:

“I am thrilled to attend the screening of "The Cove" in Taiwan.

For the first time in history, our children today are being born into the world with a global environmental crisis.

Last year, I became the father of a Taiwanese son. But I feel sad for him, because his Taiwan is facing a dismal future.

Here in Taiwan. my son's natural habitat is disappearing, pollution is destroying his beautiful ecosystems, and his ocean is becoming so acidic from CO2 that coral reefs can not survive.

But we -- the adults of today -- have time to make some important choices. One choice is whether we will save Taiwan's Pink Dolphins from extinction.

Thanks to documentaries like "The Cove", more people are becoming aware of the crisis facing our oceans. I hope showing this movie in Taiwan will help us decide that our children's Taiwan, and Taiwan Pink Dolhpins, are too precious to lose.

Our children deserve our concern.”

Matthew Lien

Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010 城市遊牧影展: 內容介紹

第九屆城市遊牧影展大約有50部短片電影以及9部長片電影輪番播映,從4月30日起一連九天將在華山創意園區與其他地方舉辦影片放映、音樂表演與座談會,還有一部奧斯卡得獎影片的首映會等各種精彩活動,遊牧影展將會再次創造全台最好玩影展的好口碑。短片的部份今年特別精彩,在5月7日頒奬典禮上,將會有三位來自不同領域的評審,包含濁水溪樂隊主唱小柯、獨立策展人徐文瑞、 2010台灣國際紀錄片雙年展策展人王耿瑜,要一起來選出2010年遊牧獎的得主。國外的邀請片則充滿話題性,部部都受到國外各地大影展觀影人的肯定。其中《救鯊行動》是全球14個影展的得獎佳片、《Copyright Criminals》是電音掛或嘻哈掛非看不可的一部片、《震撼主義》則是著名左派作者娜歐蜜‧克蘭(Naomi Klein)的最新大作…眾多強片無法一一介紹,所以只能說,我們真希望各位朋友能過來一起玩,一起喝一杯啤酒,更重要的當然是一起欣賞好電影囉!

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時間 TIME:Sat. 5/1 (六) 2-4pm
地點 PLACE:台北國際藝術村 (100台北市中正區北平東路7號)
Taipei Artist Village, 7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei
MAP / 地圖

與談人:資深環境紀錄工作者 柯金源
    動物社會研究會執行長 朱增宏
    台灣媽祖魚保育聯盟 甘宸宜

主持人:蠻野心足生態協會 王佳真


1. 海洋與台灣人

2. 從《血色海灣》看台灣鯨豚的處境

* 海生館的鯨豚從哪裡來?

保育人士努力救鯨豚,海生館卻鼓勵「獵捕」 : 全球海域每每發生鯨豚擱淺事件時,總有無數專業人士及義工投入救援,協助牠們回家與家人團聚,但同時卻有一群假學術之名的「商人、學者」,不斷迫害智慧極高、和人類同樣是哺乳動物的鯨豚,讓牠們遠離海洋家園,將牠們關進玻璃箱內,訓練牠們為人類進行「馬戲表演」。

* 台灣的極危險瀕臨絕種白海豚


3. 從《救鯊行動》看台灣的海鮮文化

* 魚翅文化背後的殘忍事實


* 最血腥的健康食品


4. 保護我的海洋,如何行動?

* 動物社會研究會近期行動宣傳
* 媽祖魚保育聯盟近期行動宣傳



Ke Jin-yuan, nature photographer and filmmaker
Zhu Ceng-hong, EAST (Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan)
Gan Zhen-yi, Matsu's Fish Conservation Union

Janis Wang, Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association


1. Taiwanese and the ocean

2. 《THE COVE》and the predicament of dolphins in Taiwan.

* Where does the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium get its dolphins?

While conservations work to protect dolphins and whales, the National Aquarium promotes dolphin roundups. Dolphin roundups like that documented in THE COVE are no doubt senselessly destructive, but they can continue because ocean parks all over the world continue to purchase dolphins from them. Also, what are the ethical issues involved in keeping dolphins in small tanks and forcing them to live out their lives performing circus tricks?

* Taiwan's critically endangered dolphins

The Indo-European humpback dolphin, locally known as "Matsu's fish," is an important indicator of the health of coastal ecosystems. At present, there may be as few as 60-90 of these dolphins remaining, and they have been listed as "critically endangered" by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). What can be done to save this species from extinction?

3. 《SHARKWATER》and Local Seafood Culture

* The dark side of shark's fin soup

Research by the IUCN on shark populations indicates that 111 species of sharks can now be considered "endangered." It has been said that if current rates of overfishing continue, by 2048, the only think left in the ocean to catch will be jellyfish. The problem with shark finning, is that while shark's fins are highly valuable, their meat is often considered worthless. So sharks are caught, de-finned and tossed back into the sea, thereby destroying a predator at the top of the ocean food chain and ruining ecosystems on which we all depend.

* Environmentally Unfriendly Health Food

Seal oil is available in nearly every pharmacy in Taiwan as well as numerous mass market retailers, and all of it comes from hideous seal slaughters. Between 2003 and 2009, Taiwan has imported 431,364 kilos of seal oil (mainly in caplet form), the 4th largest total in the world! During this seven year period, Taiwanese are estimated to be responsible for the deaths of 120,000 seals.

4. Protecting the Ocean: What can I do?

Representatives from EAST and Matsu's Fish Conservation Union will report on recent activities by their organizations and how people can make a difference either in their everyday lives or participate in conservation activities.

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2010 TRAILER 預告片

2010 Urban Nomad Trailer: 34second version

2010 Urban Nomad Trailer: 1min21sec version

Editing by: Alien

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


現場價 At doors

$220/ $170 學生 students (請攜帶有效學生證)

預售價 Advance sales (4/27止)
$200/ $170 (一次購買四場,特惠價170元/單場)
4-ticket packs for $680. Advance tickets sale to 4/27 only.



Tickets are good for a complete evening of films. With certain exceptions, this includes one program of short films and one feature film. We would like to encourage you to check out both the killer local short films as well as the feature programs. Tickets for all screenings except can be purchased online or at the door, unless of course in the case of a sold out screening. Check Facebook for updates.

$600 / $500 預售 Advance


網路售票 說明:除了5月1日的趴踢之外,2010年城市遊牧影展的每場影片放映都可以透過 Indie Vox 購買預售票。為了利用 Indie Vox 購票,你/妳必須先申請該網站的帳號,選擇“購買門票”,確定付款後,只要到了任何一家 7-Eleven 的 ibon 機器即可將票列印出來。

Tickets for all film screenings and the VIDEO MINDFUCK PARTY are available through To buy tickets through Indievox, you must first register for an account. Once you click and buy your tickets, you can print them out at any 7-Eleven through an ibon machine. Indievox offers instructions for everything in English (just click on the pull-down language menu at the top of the page).

以下的售票點只賣4月30日VIDEO MINDFUCK PARTY 趴踢的預售票。
The following locations offer tickets to the VIDEO MINDFUCK PARTY on April 30.

5, Lane 114, Shida Rd (02) 2363-6015

Toasteria 師大店
Yun-He St, Lane 72, #1 (02) 2365-3051

Toasteria 忠孝店
#2 Lane 248, Zhong Xiao East Rd. Sec 4. (02) 2731-8004

Chia Chia Records 佳佳唱片
台北市忠孝西路一段49號B1 D室 (誠品捷運商場)(02) 2370-2793

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Video Art Exhibition

時間 / TIME:
地點 / PLACE:
台北當代藝術中心 台北市中正區延平南路160之6號
Taipei Contemporary Art Center, 160-6, Yanping S. Rd, Taipei
開放時間 / Gallery Hours: 1-7pm, Thu-Sun (四 ~ 日)


Stefano Giannotti(IT)
Doll Chao 趙中慧 (TW)
Sascha Pohle (DE)
Chris Ritson(US)
Raphaël Girault(FR)
Guillaume Mazloum(FR)
Chang Deng-yao 張登堯 (TW)
Dolcevita Zheng 鄭惠璞 (TW)

(按上連結看作品的內容 // clink on links to read about their works)


These are not the best films ever, they are just our favorites. Enjoy this special installation of heavy metal documentaries, surf videos, bizarre animations, wheat-paste murals, and a gallery of our posters and flyers dating back to our very first year of 2002.

We have invited two artists - Fu Jui Wang and Tony Wu - to curate mini film festivals as part of the exhibition. Each of them has one screen to work with.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

5/8 (六) SAT

Huashan, Warehouse #E3, Bade Rd, Sec 1, #1
華山創意園區 烏梅酒廠 台北市八德路一段1號
地圖 / MAP

4pm: 第一場次

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紀錄片《牛糞傳奇》以印度知名的生態女性主義運動者、1993年另類諾貝爾獎得主范達娜˙席娃博士(Vandana Shiva)為主角;紀錄她長年對抗如孟山都(Monsanto)等跨國企業,並成立「九種基金會」(Navdanya),證明社區的「種子銀行」可以讓小農免於跨國企業掌控種子,甚至可以培育種子的多樣性,發展出能因應全球暖化的好品種。

Her opponents call her “The Green Killer”. They gave her “The Bullshit Award” for sustaining poverty. Time magazine says she is a hero of our times, an icon for youngsters all over the world. Vandana Shiva is an Indian environmental activist and nuclear physicist, and in this film she ventures out from her organic farm to do battle with the likes of Coca Cola and Monsanto, a huge American agri-tech company that tries to patent an ancient Indian strain of wheat.


7:30pm: 第二場次
短片 6 / SHORTS 6

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游智煒回來了! 這次他帶來另一部令人拍桌的影片,〈轉筆高手〉是講述一群學生試著解開生活中某些困難的故事。〈啤酒瓶〉是關於一個男孩,一個喝醉的父親還有一把吉他,然後〈異類〉就是…恩…什麼?

Tommy Yu is back with another of his offbeat odysseys, this one – THE PEN SPINNING - about a couple of school kids trying to figure out a few things about life. BEER BOTTLES is about a boy, a drunk dad and a guitar, and AIRHEAD is about – huh? wha?

Airhead 異類
Vincent Chabrillat / 2009 / France / 13min / Fr/Ch
Beer Bottles 啤酒瓶
馬銘鈺 Ma Ming / 2009 / TW / 6min / Ch
The Pen Spinning 轉筆高手
Tommy Yu 游智煒 / 2009 / TW / 48min / Ch/En

Matt Whitecross, Michael Winterbottom / UK/英國 / 2009 / 79min


如果你喜歡奧斯卡提名記錄片《絕望真相》,你更不可錯過這部由娜歐蜜‧克蘭Naomi Klein同名著作改編的紀錄片《極端資本教義派》。本紀錄片將帶著我們追蹤,美國政府如何操弄外交策略以圖利美國企業,從智利的皮諾切特政變到兩伊戰爭,極端資本教義派大刀過處,無處不是戰火孤魂;導彈、坦克夷平的是平民百姓對邪惡資本主義企業最後的心防和抵抗。作者克蘭筆下的「毀滅性資本主義」之惡行惡狀更在本紀錄片中盡顯無遺,必定會搖醒你那久被資本主義麻痺的良知。

This documentary is based on the book of the same name by Naomi Klein (No Logo), author, activist and noted critic of globalization. It outlines Klein’s concept of “disaster capitalism,” in which government use or even create disasters to give corporations greater power over normal citizens. Klein shows that the tactic of “shocking” populations into accepting extreme levels of privatization and corporate control is an active goal of American foreign policy. She traces this strategy’s disasterous results from Pinochet’s coup in Chile to the two Iraq wars and everything in between. If you liked The Corporation or An Inconvenient Truth, this is definitely a film for you.


Huashan, Warehouse #E3, Bade Rd, Sec 1, #1
華山創意園區 烏梅酒廠 台北市八德路一段1號
地圖 / MAP


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來為你最喜歡的台灣獨立影片投下一票吧 ! 今年,我們已為了這獨具意義的夜晚,從200多部投件裡,選出了幾部的影片,這些都是由2010城市游牧影展提名的入圍片 。然後,我們會頒發兩個獎項 :其中一個獎項會是由我們客觀的評審選出,而另一個獎項將會是由-你!我們可愛的觀眾去票選!最後,獎項得主就可以享受電影製作最好的報酬,也就是帶著獎金回家!當晚的活動是由"TOFU(電影創作聯盟)"一個對在地及本土電影工作者而言很棒的組織(城市游牧也是其中的一員~)所贊助。 那麼,到時候見嘍!

Tonight, we’ve selected our nominees from the over 200 submissions we received this year. Take our word for it, this is the good stuff, and just before the awards afterparty starts, we’ll give out two main prizes, one selected by an independent jury and the other by you! the audience! This evening’s program is supported by the Taiwan Original Filmmakers Union (TOFU) a really great organization for local filmmakers and film talent. Urban Nomad is a proud and happy member.

Lu Wen-chung 呂文忠 / 2009 / US/TW / 11min
The Window of Desire 慾見
Kassey Huang 黃靖閔 / 2009 / TW / 14min
The White Snake 白蛇
Shen Ying-fang 沈穎芳 / 2009 / TW / 15min / Ch/En
Blooming Flower Withered Flower 綻放的花枯萫的花
Sam Kao 高士文 / 2009 / TW / 9min / Ch/En/Jp
h = 1/2 gt² 未遂
Huang Dan-chi 黃丹琪 / 2009 / TW / 29min / Ch/En
Afternoon Isle 午後的海島
曾英庭 / 2008 / TW / 6min / Ch/En
Nimbus 帶水雲
Huang A-yao 黃信堯 / 2009 / TW / 36min / En/Tw


10:30pm film + party
The Corrupted / 2009 / TW / 52min


台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號
Taipei Artist Village, #7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei
MAP / 地圖

短片 4 / SHORTS 4

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Hsu Ya-ting is a Taiwanese filmmaker living in Chicago, and her latest short, MIND DANCE, depicts Chris, an aged filmmaker, struggling with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. As reality slips out of his control, Chris’ memories become disorganized and the film itself literally breaks into fragments. MY HEART, MY SOUL surprised us as a touching and unexpectedly serious drama. The rest of the program consists of charming animations and video experiments.

The Garden 妹妹背著洋娃娃
Monster Chang 張淑滿 / 2009 / TW / 7min
You completed me 你們,使我完整
Liang Te-tu 梁德宇 / 2009 / TW / 2.5min
The Deadly Window 噬窗
湯俊豪 Tang Chun-hao / 2008 / TW / 4min
My Heart, My Soul 少年心
Jin Zin-jie 金子傑 / 2010 / TW / 16min / En/Ch
I'm seeing myself.... 我看固我在
Huang Ya-nung 黃雅農 / 2009 / UK / 1min
Playground 遊樂場
Huang Ya-nung 黃雅農 / 2009 / UK / 3min
Mind Dance 放心漫舞
Hsu Ya-ting 許雅婷 / 2009 / US / 28min / En/Ch

《舞者紀事 : 許芳宜的紀錄》 DANCING DIARY
Tseng Blook, Lee Chien-chang 曾筱竹,李建常 / 2009 / TW / 78min / Ch/En

Sheu Fang-yi was the first Asian artist ever invited for a residency at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York, and this film documents her working process there in creating a new performance. The filming not only shows some arrestingly beautiful dancing, it also shows Sheu and the choreographer Bulareyaung Pagarlava starting from the blank canvas of the practice studio to choreograph a work of the highest art. Sheu is truly one of Taiwan’s most stunning creative talents, and this documentary – shown here in a brand new version – is up to the task of displaying her somatic genius and bringing us into her world.

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徹底否認《Total Denial》

台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號
Taipei Artist Village, #7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei
MAP / 地圖


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〈搶救烏山頭水庫〉在講一個驚人的真實事件: 一個垃圾掩埋場公司危害到台灣重要的水庫之一。〈希望〉除了有馬英九總統友情客串之外我們也會呈現當年被莫拉克颱風的大水及土石流沖毀的小學重建。〈Silence〉是一部告訴我們何為報章雜誌報導好處的冰島短片,〈誰在乎真實〉則是在反諷G8高峰會,接著〈熱舞天堂〉帶來一個競選期間無家可歸的流浪漢穿梭在台北接頭的故事。節目將會由幾支大自然動畫做開場。

LET’S FIGHT FOR WATER is about a startlingly real issue: a landfill that threatens to contaminate one of Taiwan’s main mountain reservoirs. HOPE, guest starring president Ma Ying-jeou, meanwhile documents the reconstruction of an elementary school following the floods and mudslides of Typhoon Morokot. SILENCE is an Icelandic short that tells us what newspaper reporting is good for, and WHO CARES ABOUT THE REAL spoofs the G8. HEAVENLY DANCE follows a homeless man through Taipei at election time, and the program begins with a couple animations, NATURE and UNDERSTATEMENT.

Nature 大地
鄭煥宙Jeng Huen-Zoe 2009 / TW / 2min
Understatement 嘘!
Hong Shiou-wen 洪修雯 / 2009 / US / 4min
Ava Lanche / 2008 / Germany/Iceland / 3min / En
Heavenly Dance 熱舞天堂
Lin Ying-tso 林英作 / 2008 / TW /12min
Who cares about the real 誰在乎真實
Tu Pei-shih 杜珮詩 / 2008 / TW / 5min / N/A
Let's fight for water 搶救烏山頭水庫
莊榮華Chuang Jung Hua / 2009 / TW / 14min / Ch/Tw
Hope 希望
Wu Sin-ping 吳心蘋 / 2009 / TW / 29min / En/Ch

徹底否認《Total Denial》
Milena Kaneva / 保加利亞/Bulgaria / 美國/US / 2006 / 92min

在緬甸,加州聯合石油公司和法國道達爾石油公司為保護該公司的油管工程,僱用緬甸軍政府的軍隊,在油管區進行非人道行為:武力脅迫、施虐及強暴當地居民。緬甸人權民運人士卡索瓦Ka Hsaw Wa多次進出該地區,冒著生命危險,記錄下遭到政府加害的人民慘況和種族屠殺現場。他拍攝的影片間接促成美國史上第一起跨國控告人權侵害的訴訟案,這起官司纏訟將近十年後,卡索瓦以及他的族人們終於獲得平反。

This documentary investigates the human rights abuses associated with the construction of an oil pipeline in Burma funded by western oil companies, UNOCAL and TOTAL. It is also the story of the one-man mission of Burmese activist Ka Hsaw Wa, a former jungle warrior wanted by authorities both in Myanmar and Thailand. Ka risks his life in video-taped border crossings to document burned out villages and scenes of genocide, all funded by US oil companies and executed by the Myanmar’s junta government. His footage and reports result in a landmark court case in the US. It is the first time foreign nationals bring a class action lawsuit against US companies – and win!

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Total Denial trailer 《徹底否認》的預告片

To Shoot an Elephant

台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號
Taipei Artist Village, #7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei
MAP / 地圖

台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號
Taipei Artist Village, #7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei
MAP / 地圖


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〈揉〉是一部挺詭異的實驗動畫片,〈映〉挺像是一部改編自西班牙詩人Julio Cortazar作品的影片倘述孤寂酒精友誼及死亡,〈嘎轟!〉裡有蘋果,〈Greedy〉則有黑幫,〈Fuhrerbunker〉 似乎有希特勒。〈愛在森林邊境〉是一部關於二次大戰後,共產崛起期間,在馬來西亞的青春與愛情小品。

ROUE is experimental animation at its weirdest. THE REFLECTION is a sort of poem on loneliness, alcohol, friendship, death adopted from writing of Julio Cortazar. CAJON! has apples, GREEDY has gangsters, and FUHRERBUNKER has Hitler (sort of). CUL DE SAC FOREST is a wonderful period piece about youth and love in Malaysia just after World War II during communist uprisings.

Roue 揉
Wu Taili 伍玳黎 / 2009 / US / 5min
The Reflection 映
Crystal Lu 呂旻論 / 2009 / TW / 4min / En/Ch
Cajon! 嘎轟!
Yang Yung-ken 楊詠? / 2010 / TW / 3min
Wang Chia-yuan 王嘉院 / 2009 / TW / 11min / Ch/En
James T. Hong, Chen Yin-ju / 2009 / Germany / 6min
Cul de Sac Forest 愛在森林邊境
Lau Kek Huat 廖克發 / 2009 / TW / 28min / Ch/Tw/En/Malaysian

《To Shoot an Elephant》
Alberto Arce, Mohammad Rujailah/西班牙/2009/113分鐘



The conflict in the Gaza Strip between Palestinian locals and the Israeli army has been going on for decades. This film was released only months ago by a group of international activists bent on finding a way through the impasse and holding up a mirror to atrocities committed in the name of “peace.” In December 2008 and January 2009, Israeli forces instructed all foreign aid organizations and observers to vacate Gaza for the 21-day bombardment of Operation Cast Lead. The filmmakers however remained, embedding themselves with a volunteer unit of Palestinian ambulance drivers, who go into the teeth of the Israel bombs and bullets on a deadly and thankless humanitarian mission. It is a situation, which the filmmakers find, is simply unacceptable.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


2pm: 免費『藍色地球-我的海洋』2010城市游牧影展座談會

時間 / Time: 5/1, 8pm - late
地點 / Place: 華山創意園區烏梅酒廠 台北市八德路一段一號
Huashan Creative Park, Warehouse E3, Bade Rd, Sec 1, #1
票 / Tickets: $500 預售 / Advance: $400
地圖 / MAP

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樂團 / BANDS:
Touming Magazine 透明雜誌
MIMIE-CHAN (日本/Japan)
DJ Floaty

《Staubkaskade》(The Cascade and its Dust) 星塵瀑
Stefan Pautze / 2008/ Germany/ 6min / 無對話

電影 / FEATURE FILM:《Favela on Blast》
Wesley Pentz/2008/美國/巴西/80分鐘


本 片跟隨著國際知名DJ Wesley Pentz(或稱 Diplo, 你們還記得嗎?),冒險深入龍蛇雜處之處,探究音樂和舞蹈現象。Pentz是發現發現並推揚 "baile funk"(里約放克)音樂的功臣,並透過CD的發行在歐美各地推廣。這樣的音樂起源於暴力又貧困的環境,卻使的它更為裸露,存粹並直刺人心。這部紀錄片 試著以一個故事架構來探討情、愛、貧窮與自尊,並用里約熱內盧這些最被邊緣化的人物來作詮釋。當然還有英雄反派兩立的情結,以及那遏制不住的跳舞癮!

Deep in the slums (favelas) of Rio de Janeiro, a unique party scene is being built around remixes of 80s American dance beats and local Brazilian samba music. The documentary follows internationally acclaimed DJ, Wesley Pentz (aka Diplo) as he ventures into gangland territory, exploring both a music and dance phenomena. Pentz is now credited with discovering the genre of “baile funk,” and popularizing it in the US and Europe through CD releases. Born of one of the most violent and poorest places on earth, the music is raw and personal. This documentary tells stories of sex, love, poverty, and pride amongst Rio's most marginalized people. It follows heroes and villains, and the irresistible urge to dance.

Copyright Criminals

Huashan, Warehouse #E3, Bade Rd, Sec 1, #1
華山創意園區 烏梅酒廠 台北市八德路一段1號
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短片 5 / SHORTS 5

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瘋子?夢境?真實?這是〈羅宋湯〉! 〈阿鳳〉是關於一個妓女和一個小男孩的故事。〈COMPANY POLICY〉是在歐洲某處關於官僚體制及戰爭的諷刺短片。〈猜猜我是 誰?〉和緬甸黑道跟娼妓有關。然後我們有更多酷炫的動畫片,而且Miles Odonnol 會提醒我們看到救護車時要〈請讓開〉!

Psycho? Dream? Reality? It’s RUSSIAN SOUP. FENG is about a prostitute and a little boy, and COMPANY POLICY about bureaucracy and war – maybe somewhere in Europe. GUESS WHO I AM? is about Burmese hookers and gangsters. Then throw in a couple of really seriously cool animations like CLEAR SKIES IN MAY, and as Miles Odonnol would have us remember, when you see an ambulance, PLEASE MAKE WAY.

Russian soup 羅宋湯
Lin, Tsung-hui 林宗輝 / 2009 / TW / 17min / Ch/En
Company Policy
Mark Daniels, Frans Kromhout / 2008 / TW / 25min / Ch/En
Secret Piano 祕密的鋼琴
Lu Wen-chung 呂文忠 / 2007 / US/TW / 3min
Please Make Way 請讓路
Miles Odonnol / 2010 / TW / 1min
Meat or Die 1-3
Tai Murayama / 2009 / Japan / 4.5min
Feng 阿鳳
周尚儀Chou Shang Yi / 2009 / TW / 10min
Guess Who I Am? 猜猜我是誰?
Kyawk Dadyin 趙德胤/ 2010 / TW / 16min / Ch/En
Clear Skies in May
Anny / 2009 / Japan / 5min

《Copyright Criminals》
Benjamin Franzen, Kembrew McCloud/2009/美國/54分鐘

取樣犯法了嗎? 一個由音樂家,製作人和製片所組成的卡司在這個記錄片中探討這議題,討論的範圍從放克界傳奇人物George Clinton到超脫樂團的製作人Steve Albini 到專利法律師。撇開眼前這嚴肅議題,這著實是部為音樂愛好著量身打造的紀錄片。片中參雜著Dj們播放著混音,混搭著影像,而這些剪輯過的片斷顯示出這些原創的音樂是如何的被取樣,剪接,再製,以符合新的音樂品味。最廣泛的應用實例就是James Brown的前鼓手Clyde Stubblefield在「Funky Drummer」中的獨奏,已經成為嘻哈史上最被常取樣的節奏。其他參與演出的的音樂人和音樂團體還有 DJ Qbert, 嘻哈樂團人民公敵<Public Enemy>,美國東岸嘻哈饒舌三人組De La Soul 和DJ Spooky (a.k.a. Paul D. Miller, a.k.a. That Subliminal Kid)…等等。

Copyright Criminals
Benjamin Franzen, Kembrew McCloud/2009/US/54min

Is sampling a crime? In this documentary, the cast of musicians, producers and industry executives weighing in on the issue ranges from funk legend George Clinton to Nirvana’s producer Steve Albini to copyright lawyers. Despite the serious issue at hand, this is truly a doc for the music junkie. Scenes show DJs playing mixes and mashups, and these are dissected in split-screen montages to show how the original music is sampled, cut and refashioned to suit new tastes. One extensive thread is the case of Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown’s former drummer, whose drum solo on the tune “Funky Drummer” has become THE MOST SAMPLED beat in hip hop history. Other musicians and groups to appear include DJ Qbert, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Chibo Matto, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky tha Subliminal Kid and many others.

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