Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video Art: Chang Deng-yao

Regeneration Project III-Popeggs

U.S. | 2009 | 5’30“


The snow-white eggs are placed one by one in a deserted microwave, piling up like a ill. In the wake of a bright beeping sound of the microwave, the egg liquid spurts everywhere, ended up recognizable shape. The simple documentary video seems to imply that with the overpopulation of human beings, the disaster is about to be triggered.

After coming to the US, I still keep being killed by...

這件作品是由兩部影片所組成的系列行為錄像作品的其中一件,拍攝於美國巴爾的摩的多處公共空間。藝術家將印有中、英文「刑案現場禁止進入Crime Scene Do Not Cross」的黃色警戒線置於公共場合的電梯門上,自己則橫臥在地,仿如行案現場的受害者。藝術家以「偽刑案」的事件介入公共空間,創造出「意外」的效果。在路人目擊事件的驚詫中,自身也入鏡成為事件的一部分。

This video art work is one of a series of the project composed by two videos, shot respectively in the public places in Baltimore, MD, USA. The artists hang the police line that says “Crime Scene! Do Not Cross!” in front of the elevator, and he lied down in it as the victim. By creating “pseudo crime scene”, the artist involves himself astonished at the sight of the scene. They become part of the event as well.

Chang Deng-yao 張登堯 (TW)

張登堯(Deng-Yao Chang),1984年生,旅美藝術家,就讀於馬里蘭藝術學院 (Maryland Institute College of Art),現居美國。

Deng-Yao Chang, born in 1984, an artist studying in Maryland Institute College of Art, nowlives in the U.S.