Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video Art: Dolcevita Zheng


Taiwan | 2010 | 5’20”

【流】表現了時間的流動,描摹當人們迷失於時空中所產生的困惑混亂,以及其中倏忽即逝的心理回音。該實驗影片以觸發幽閉恐懼及焦慮的方式來述說失去控制的昏眩不安。朦朧彷彿催眠式的視覺捕捉與組合,交織以扭曲的影像,【流】嘗試要捕捉生命中飄渺幽微 的變化,卻也同時絕望地蔓生滋長著感懷,對於一年裡不停運行的季節──隨著流動的呼吸自然蒸散。

A representation of the flux of time, 流, which means “flow,” draws on the notions of the temporal and the psychological echoes of confusion when one experiences a loss of space and time. Evoking fears of claustrophobia and anxiety, this experimental video addresses the qualms of losing control. Shot and composed through hazy and trance-like visuals intertwined with distorted and stitched photographic imagery, 流 seeks to capture the subtle nuances and erratic moments in life while hopelessly trailing the fainting nostalgia of seasons that shift continuously throughout the year--exhaled by nature, one breath, or flow, at a time.

Dolcevita Zheng 鄭惠璞 (TW)


VJ Dolcevita is a video performance artist who makes moving images created from analog films cut-and-pasted with impressionistic hues. Displayed on large screens to create an atmospheric experience, her work is conceptually driven stemming from personal experiences and subjective observations of the everyday. VJ Dolcevita has been an active participant in music festivals and performances in Beijing and Taiwan.