Thursday, April 01, 2010

徹底否認《Total Denial》

台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號
Taipei Artist Village, #7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei
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〈搶救烏山頭水庫〉在講一個驚人的真實事件: 一個垃圾掩埋場公司危害到台灣重要的水庫之一。〈希望〉除了有馬英九總統友情客串之外我們也會呈現當年被莫拉克颱風的大水及土石流沖毀的小學重建。〈Silence〉是一部告訴我們何為報章雜誌報導好處的冰島短片,〈誰在乎真實〉則是在反諷G8高峰會,接著〈熱舞天堂〉帶來一個競選期間無家可歸的流浪漢穿梭在台北接頭的故事。節目將會由幾支大自然動畫做開場。

LET’S FIGHT FOR WATER is about a startlingly real issue: a landfill that threatens to contaminate one of Taiwan’s main mountain reservoirs. HOPE, guest starring president Ma Ying-jeou, meanwhile documents the reconstruction of an elementary school following the floods and mudslides of Typhoon Morokot. SILENCE is an Icelandic short that tells us what newspaper reporting is good for, and WHO CARES ABOUT THE REAL spoofs the G8. HEAVENLY DANCE follows a homeless man through Taipei at election time, and the program begins with a couple animations, NATURE and UNDERSTATEMENT.

Nature 大地
鄭煥宙Jeng Huen-Zoe 2009 / TW / 2min
Understatement 嘘!
Hong Shiou-wen 洪修雯 / 2009 / US / 4min
Ava Lanche / 2008 / Germany/Iceland / 3min / En
Heavenly Dance 熱舞天堂
Lin Ying-tso 林英作 / 2008 / TW /12min
Who cares about the real 誰在乎真實
Tu Pei-shih 杜珮詩 / 2008 / TW / 5min / N/A
Let's fight for water 搶救烏山頭水庫
莊榮華Chuang Jung Hua / 2009 / TW / 14min / Ch/Tw
Hope 希望
Wu Sin-ping 吳心蘋 / 2009 / TW / 29min / En/Ch

徹底否認《Total Denial》
Milena Kaneva / 保加利亞/Bulgaria / 美國/US / 2006 / 92min

在緬甸,加州聯合石油公司和法國道達爾石油公司為保護該公司的油管工程,僱用緬甸軍政府的軍隊,在油管區進行非人道行為:武力脅迫、施虐及強暴當地居民。緬甸人權民運人士卡索瓦Ka Hsaw Wa多次進出該地區,冒著生命危險,記錄下遭到政府加害的人民慘況和種族屠殺現場。他拍攝的影片間接促成美國史上第一起跨國控告人權侵害的訴訟案,這起官司纏訟將近十年後,卡索瓦以及他的族人們終於獲得平反。

This documentary investigates the human rights abuses associated with the construction of an oil pipeline in Burma funded by western oil companies, UNOCAL and TOTAL. It is also the story of the one-man mission of Burmese activist Ka Hsaw Wa, a former jungle warrior wanted by authorities both in Myanmar and Thailand. Ka risks his life in video-taped border crossings to document burned out villages and scenes of genocide, all funded by US oil companies and executed by the Myanmar’s junta government. His footage and reports result in a landmark court case in the US. It is the first time foreign nationals bring a class action lawsuit against US companies – and win!

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Total Denial trailer 《徹底否認》的預告片