Thursday, April 14, 2005

Urban Nomad Awards 2005

THE ULEAD AWARD: for an excellent script and overall impact, to Shawn McClelland for his film The Optimist

AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD: for capturing Taipei life, to Darin Caudle and David Bott for Nineteen Seventy-four

BEST SHORT NARRATIVE: for a darkly amusing take on contemporary life and failure, to Patrick Tsai for No More Sympathy For Bastards and My Lover

HUMANITARIAN FOCUS AWARD: for raising awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Liberia, to Kenton Harmer for Boom

BOBWUNDAYE WILD AT HEART AWARD: for efforts in documenting indigenous histories, to Dean Karalekas for Rendezvous With the Moon

BEST EXPERIMENTAL: for unwrapping reality into psycho-visual layers, to Tony Wu for Noah, Noah

PUNK PHILOSOPHER AWARD: for riduculing an entire society - ours - to James Hong for Taipei 101: A Travelogue of Symptoms

Kloie Picot for Those Left Behind
Norman Szabo for Living the Life