Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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Huashan Culture Center, April 13-16.
Tickets: NT$200 per day, NT$500 for festival

The Schedule

APRIL 13, Thursday星期四
8:00 Opening Film 開幕片
Surviving Beijing
樂會北京by林莉/Lin Li 85mins Malaysia C/E (中/英)
A documentary that is also a tale of absolute and miserable failure. In 2000, a Malaysian-Chinese rocker contingent including two bands and an cutting-edge magazine went to Beijing to slum it with the rockers of Beijing’s Tree Village. The community has since been bulldozed in China’s mad rush for development but was a semi-legendary settlement where rock musicians went to drop out as a kind of protest against a society where they found no place for themselves. But as outsiders, the Malaysian rockers quickly came up against their limits and the ends begin to fray. But in the process, they get an inside look at Beijing’s nascent rock scene, interviewing the likes of China’s father of rock ‘n roll, Cui Jian, the young music critic Yan Jun, and other key figures. In total, it is both a profound study in falling to pieces and a unique moment in time.


9:40 Punk: No Apologies 龐克:沒有抱歉
Punk Priss Sebastian 10:0mins台灣E (英)
A young punk constructs a castle from cardboard found in a dumpster, later, he cross-dresses and does nasty things before the camera. 一個年輕的龐克用廢棄的紙箱板在臥室裡建造了一個新天地,在裡面架設了攝影機並開始咨意放縱
Skate Fragment滑板短片/Kent Dylan 5mins E
A butt-eyed view of the world, and one skateboarder trying to land a trick

Dear Hands手/ Trista Di Genova 19mins E (英) ▲A philosophical, absurdist comedy about a man whose hands develop a sense of rebellion and intelligence and wind up leaving him for bigger and better things. 一部有趣的短片描述了一個人的雙手發展了自己的智能和反叛的自我意識並試圖脫離主人,相當具有哲理

7:30 Hong Kong Film School 香港藝術學院
Lost謎/ Huen Tin-Wei Hong Kong 香港15 mins C/E (中/英)
Incense twirling in the night, a couple of upside down scenes, and a perplexing paradox leads a student on a search for independence. 人為什麼要存在…存再的目的是什麼…生活是一種定律…或是在自我尋找目的的同時…亦渴望有控制生命的自由
Fantasy Final最後的幻想 / Derrick Tao Hong Kong香港3mins C/E (中/英)
A student rides the escalators, searches for a missing key, and finds something he never expected.愛情是否是一個腳色扮演遊戲?人類是連自己都會生厭的生物,為何我們還要求別人的永遠寵愛?1314號房永遠是間單人房
Mother and Son兩點水Ryker Chan Hong Kong香港12mins C/E (中/英)
A young man goes about his daily routine, only this time, he won’t be back for dinner.這是一部叙事短片.作品嘗試站在母親的角度,敘述母親獨處時回憶與兒子的生活點滴,揭露她對兒子的掛念,憂慮親子之情.故事並已插叙形式從回憶裡是看母親默默為兒子的擔憂和付出. 遊子追夢去,慈母已懷念,簷前滴水,何曾倒流?
Unlucky Dog不幸的狗Chris Carmon Hong Kong/USA 香港/美8mins C/E (中/英)
Parental pressure and academic competitiveness start in elementary school in Hong Kong. This is one of the more warped scenarios of how pressure is applied. 在升學競爭大的香港,連國小生受到父母的重大壓力。這就是這種很變態的故事。

8:00 Politics of Dissent 政治異議
Singapore Rebel
新加坡反叛份子Martyn See Singapore 新加坡24mins C/E (中/英)
This is the film that Singapore’s government doesn’t want you to see, tracing the life of opposition leader Chee Soon Juan and his frequent clashes with the government. Over years of pushing for political alternatives, Chee, a middle-class father of two, has been harrassed, sued, fined, and jailed – mainly for his simple existence as an opposition party candidate to the virtual monarcy of the People’s Action Party (PAP), which has ruled Singapore since the end of British colonial rule. Last month Chee was again put in prison by Singapore’s government. For making this documentary, filmmaker Martyn See has also been repeatedly interregated by police and had his camera, computer, and master tapes all confiscated. 一部新加坡政府禁播的影片,它描繪了異議領袖Chee Soon Juan的生活及他與新加坡政府的多次衝突事件。因為推展民主的希望,他這幾年來一直受到新加坡People’s Action Party行政黨的騷擾起訴與監禁,上次被捕入獄就是今年的三月。製作人Martyn See也受到了警方幾次的審訊, 他的電腦相機與錄影帶都被警察沒收了

8:30 South East Asian Perspective 東亞觀點
大為古湯姆John Torres Philippines菲律賓3mins
A love poem/monologue composed of random images愛情詩篇
Dansport 舞動Philippines菲律賓11mins
A ballroom dancer rebels against the overly macho nature of his community, and faced with no alternative, he run for it.這是一部描述一位男國標舞者對世俗偏見的消極反抗, 同時影片中呈現了他嫚妙的舞姿…
Salut 沙路John Torres Philippines菲律賓12mins
Various fragments about growing up in Manila, shifting from kids eating ice cream, relationships and an artist who paints with blood.許多的片段¸等待你發掘馬尼拉在不同背景下的成長故事
MIA米亞 Michelle Lang USA美國 8mins
Sri Lankan hip-hop artist keeps the rhymes flowing. 一部有關斯里蘭卡的嘻哈歌者的紀錄片
9:15 Idiots Abroad外國人在臺灣
Gun It 全速 / Kelly Deon Canada/Taiwan加拿大/台灣10 mins C/E (中/英) ▲
Nothing can be more fun than running through Lung Tan, and using every visual effect in the Adobe library.以Adobe圖庫和特殊的視覺效果處理, 完美地詮釋”速度”
Night Owls 夜貓子Erin King Canada/Taiwan加拿大/台灣8:20min C/E (中/英) ▲
Two local women are interviewed about what its like to live downstairs from two rowdy foreigners一部紀錄片紀錄了住在台北的外國人, 鄰居對他們的觀感和評語
Hey Jimmy黑吉米 Ming Chieh-Sung宋明杰 Taiwan 台灣15:44 min C/E (中/英)
Being half-black and half-Taiwanese aint all that bad in a cosmopolitan city like Taipei. Learn the early life history of one of Taipei’s most intriguing night life celebrity.一部紀錄片, 關於一個混血小孩在台灣生長的故事

10:00 Blown Away 真相
Who Shot Chen?誰是319的兇手?/ Sedor, Wu US/Taiwan美國/台灣5:32 mins C/E (中/英) ▲
Taxi drivers offer their opinions on the March 19th shooting of Taiwan President. Later, we visit a DPP rally. 這是一部集合了許多有關319陳水扁遭槍擊的採訪資料的紀錄片…
The Form of the Good善形/ James Hong US 美國4 mins E (英)
A close-up look at the lives of terrorists, tunnel vision, and the overwhelming fire power that they confront恐怖分子生活的特寫鏡頭,他們的狹窄視野, 和必須面對巨大的炮火

10:10 Really Experimental 親身實驗
Beyond在遠處 Kalim Chan Hong Kong 3 mins C / E (中/英)
A film about chairs and people floating through space.
Sentimental Journey感傷之旅 Tony Wu 吳俊輝Taiwan台灣10 mins C / E (中/英)
A well-known film recycle, this film was awarded Best Avante-Guard Film at the Taipei Film Festival. 這部實驗性影片是關於一個平凡的女孩,當她的男朋友離開後,她開始與同性交往,而在此時他們之間似乎才是真正的沒有距離。
This Way Up Kalim Chan Hong Kong 5 mins C / E (中/英)
A film about people floating through space.
Descension Project下降的項目 Nokami 5 mins Canada 加拿大C / E (中/英)
Eric Filion aka vj Nokami, is a graphic designer is in the visual media and communications environment. He participates in several visual artistic performances In Europe and Asia.這部實驗性影片是關於一位圖表設計師在視覺媒介和通信環境。他在歐洲和亞洲參加視覺藝術的表現。

Robville羅伯特的世界Rob Adams 10 mins C / E (中/英)
Rob writes words like catshit and other random thoughts which form a sort of poem on a pane of glass which is part of a much larger light installation. Sort of a poor man’s Donald Judd.這部實驗性影片是關於羅伯的詩是用一些比較粗俗的語言寫在玻璃上.形成一個很大的藝術呈現.


6:00 Filmmakers Forum攝製者論壇

7:00 The Right to Rap權利唱歌和跳舞
Ngatahi: Know the Links 知道鏈接 Dean Hapeta New Zealand新西兰70mins E (英)
New Zealand rapper Dean Hapeta's travels the world learning exploring hip-hop, spoken word, and modern protest music, with mad respect to Indigenous and marginalized people這部短片是關於紐西蘭饒舌歌手Hapeta環遊各地找尋少數民族和他們學習當地饒舌,和現代諷刺音樂.

8:10 South East Asian Perspective II東亞觀點2
18 Dan Lim Malaysia 21mins E (英)
The number “18” begins to pop up everywhere in Kuala Lumpur, inspiring a filmmaker to pursue this mysterious artist and his political message aimed at the Malaysian government.這部短片是關於數字"18"出現在吉隆坡, 激發了導演想要追求這數字背後的意義。
12 Visit Ontanalai Thailand 12 mins E (英) One day, everything in the room starts to turn around on its own, She has to decide wheter or not to follow突然有一天,屋子裡的東西開始自己轉動起來,屋子的主人也在蠢蠢欲動.
Harvest 收割季節Uruphong Raksasad Thailand 9mins E (英)
A farmer's life duri harvest time這是部有關農夫收割的生活

9:00 The Dark Side of Comedy黑暗的喜劇
Exerstrap鍛煉傳送帶45 seconds Marc D’andre USA E (英)
Throwaway those clunky weights!這部片是關於最新的鍛煉設備
Playdate約會的日期7 mins Marc D’Andre USA E (英)
Finally, a movie about MILFs, and one guys blind date turns out to be nothing more than babysitting so his mother can escape for a quickie. 這個短片是關於一個年輕人由別人安排的約會,卻被請求當保姆,而她卻和她的朋友約會。
Mr. Romo's Greasy Moustache Mr. Romo’s油膩鬚 Pat Tsai USA 5mins C / E (中/英) ▲
A man appears to be more in love with his moustache than his wife.這個短片是指一個人看愛他的鬍子勝過他的妻子。
How's Life生活怎麼樣 Tammy Yu 26mins C / E (中/英)
A jump off the bridge, an indoor barbecue, and finally, a gas explosion put our hero in the right frame of mind to get on with his life.這個短片是關於一個男人用不同方式自殺,一是投河自殺,燒碳自殺,開瓦斯自殺等等…..都未成功。

10:00 Love Will Tear Us Apart 愛將使我們分開
Respire呼吸Wi Ding Ho Taiwan 台湾15 mins C / E (中/英) ▲
Two teenagers brave SARs and health warnings as they pursue a deadly passion. Winner of the Kodak Discovery Award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for best short film.這部短片是關於二個少年對抗SARs 和健康受到威脅,只因追求他們的愛。這影片得到坎城最佳短片獎。

10:30 Surf & Skate衝浪和滑板
Delayed 2/ 延遲2 Kent Dylan 6mins C / E (中/英) ▲
Todd Tessier jumps ledges, grinds highway underpasses, and jumps a canal.這個短片是關於滑板者跳過樓梯,穿越河隄.
The South/南部Jason Sedor 5 mins C / E (中/英) ▲
Typhoon surfing with nasty brown swells and some terrific rides這部短片是關於衝浪者在颱風期間喜歡在大風大浪衝浪.
Low Rider/ 低小的自行車Jason Sedor3:16 C / E (中/英) ▲
Skateboarding with an in your face, don’t give a shit attitude featuring Todd Tessier and Vaughn Neville 這個短片是關於二位滑板者喜歡在街道上溜滑板,甚至可跳過小型的自行車.
Roots of Masalu by Kyle 33 mins

Habitat Kaleidoscope 萬花筒Shing Au-Yeung15 mins
A dancer dances on the beach, the harbor, and everywhere else. Trippy kaleidoscope images and dance skills make this film sorta watchable. Kids may like it.關於一個香港的舞蹈家在海灘、港口、和其它不同場所的表演。


7:00 Earth Day, Kids Free! 地球日,兒童免費
A Thousand Fragments 一千個小片斷Wesley Jay 45 mins C / E (中/英) ▲
Turning the screen into a giant fishbowl, an underwater camera follows a manta ray, a sea turtle, and loads of fish 這部影片是關於潛水者作用他的照相機記錄了海底的自然環境,海龜和許多魚…….

8:00 Super Sunday: Picnic in Central 野餐在中央香港
Abroad海外 Nicolas Sauret France/HK 法/香港45 mins E ▲
A French Film maker follows around a young migrant worker as she peddles fake handbags to fellow Phillipinas and other migrants in Hong Kong’s Central District.這部影片是關於在香港的中央區一個年輕移民勞工,賣仿冒品給其它移民勞工。

9:00 Best of the Best
Surviving Beijing
樂會北京by林莉/Lin Li Malaysia 85mins C / E (中/英)
See above. 看以上的簡介

Counter Clockwise櫃臺逆時針方向Sam Culp USA/HK 15 mins.
Its like groundhog day, but in Hong Kong. The story involves a young man who takes sleeping pills and one day wakes up to find that everything is different

C 中文發音或字幕Chinese language or subtitleE 英文發音或字幕English language or subtitle▲ 導演或影人出席映後或映前座談Director’s attendance注意:因場地空間設計之故,於中山堂放映之影片,投影中文字幕將採「直式」打法。