Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video Art: Doll Chao

Shōwa Incident

Taiwan | 2010 | 09’06”


Shōwa Incident is edited and combined by different mediums, such as photos, films, images taken from super8, DV, digital camera and cell phone. The adaption of mediums
puts emphasis on the characteristic of film and the subversive results of re-editing the digital data. To create the random effects, the artist shot the film casually. For example, by adjusting digital contrast of the over-exposed film done by a battery malfunctioned camera will generate an unusual color texture. With the nature of a super8 film, the artist uses handmade method, changes the temperature and times taken to make the qualitative change of the film. Lastly, she uses the technical skills of scanning, re-shoot, digital editing and other digital conversions to make new arrangements, also the integration of different media.

Doll Chao 趙中慧 (TW)


Chao Doll is an experimental film director and a composer, currently a member of experimental electronic band “Varo”. Her works combines the mediums of super 8, 16 mm film and digital mediums, and the theme is mostly about the arduous path under the turmoil of personal emotions and family history.