Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video Art: Sascha Pohle (DE)

Reframing the Artist

China, Germany | 2010 | 90mins


Artists are often portrayed having idiosyncratic behaviors, torrid love affairs, uncontrollable acts of inebriated self-destruction, or all of the aforementioned, whether in fictional or biopic films. Therefore, it is apparent that there is a preconceived notion where creative production signifies a mystification of one thing or another; such as all artists are painters by medium. These stereotypes reconfirm the failing representation of visual artists in film.

In this video, fragments from roughly fifty different films such as Pollock (2000), Surviving Picasso (1996), or La belle noiseuse (1991) are reenacted by copyist employed in the Oil Painting Village of Dafen. Situated in Shenzhen, China, Dafen is the world’s largest area of mass-produced handmade oil-on-canvas paintings supplying a global market sourced largely from Western art. The copyists in the Oil Painting Village take on different roles as amateur actors by re-enacting scenes from various films depicting artists. The mass production of master oil paintings coupled with the recurrent use of artist stereotypes in films intersects into forming a new narrative thus creating an overlap of fiction and documentary.

This shift of context, or “Reframing the Artist,” raises questions about how we
view the exotic “other” which is both the visual artist as well as the Chinese copyists.

Sascha Pohle (DE)

Sascha Pohle是一位目前居住於荷蘭的德國藝術家,對於流行文化的集體關係充滿興趣。熱中於看著他人以及自身重新演示,Pohle探究媒體中的影像是如何影響我們對於現實世界的觀點。經由參照採用電影及攝影的影像,藝術家利用自己的影片、繪畫及照片,重新解讀被挪用的文本。

Sascha Pohle is an Gernam artist living the Netherlands with an interest in our collective relation towards popular culture. Intrigued by seeing others re-enacting and himself as the re-enactor, Pohle investigates how images in the media interfere with our perspective of reality. By adapting elements from films and photographic imagery as references, the context of appropriation is reinterpreted through the artist’s own videos, drawings and prints.