Thursday, April 01, 2010

5/8 (六) SAT

Huashan, Warehouse #E3, Bade Rd, Sec 1, #1
華山創意園區 烏梅酒廠 台北市八德路一段1號
地圖 / MAP

4pm: 第一場次

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紀錄片《牛糞傳奇》以印度知名的生態女性主義運動者、1993年另類諾貝爾獎得主范達娜˙席娃博士(Vandana Shiva)為主角;紀錄她長年對抗如孟山都(Monsanto)等跨國企業,並成立「九種基金會」(Navdanya),證明社區的「種子銀行」可以讓小農免於跨國企業掌控種子,甚至可以培育種子的多樣性,發展出能因應全球暖化的好品種。

Her opponents call her “The Green Killer”. They gave her “The Bullshit Award” for sustaining poverty. Time magazine says she is a hero of our times, an icon for youngsters all over the world. Vandana Shiva is an Indian environmental activist and nuclear physicist, and in this film she ventures out from her organic farm to do battle with the likes of Coca Cola and Monsanto, a huge American agri-tech company that tries to patent an ancient Indian strain of wheat.


7:30pm: 第二場次
短片 6 / SHORTS 6

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游智煒回來了! 這次他帶來另一部令人拍桌的影片,〈轉筆高手〉是講述一群學生試著解開生活中某些困難的故事。〈啤酒瓶〉是關於一個男孩,一個喝醉的父親還有一把吉他,然後〈異類〉就是…恩…什麼?

Tommy Yu is back with another of his offbeat odysseys, this one – THE PEN SPINNING - about a couple of school kids trying to figure out a few things about life. BEER BOTTLES is about a boy, a drunk dad and a guitar, and AIRHEAD is about – huh? wha?

Airhead 異類
Vincent Chabrillat / 2009 / France / 13min / Fr/Ch
Beer Bottles 啤酒瓶
馬銘鈺 Ma Ming / 2009 / TW / 6min / Ch
The Pen Spinning 轉筆高手
Tommy Yu 游智煒 / 2009 / TW / 48min / Ch/En

Matt Whitecross, Michael Winterbottom / UK/英國 / 2009 / 79min


如果你喜歡奧斯卡提名記錄片《絕望真相》,你更不可錯過這部由娜歐蜜‧克蘭Naomi Klein同名著作改編的紀錄片《極端資本教義派》。本紀錄片將帶著我們追蹤,美國政府如何操弄外交策略以圖利美國企業,從智利的皮諾切特政變到兩伊戰爭,極端資本教義派大刀過處,無處不是戰火孤魂;導彈、坦克夷平的是平民百姓對邪惡資本主義企業最後的心防和抵抗。作者克蘭筆下的「毀滅性資本主義」之惡行惡狀更在本紀錄片中盡顯無遺,必定會搖醒你那久被資本主義麻痺的良知。

This documentary is based on the book of the same name by Naomi Klein (No Logo), author, activist and noted critic of globalization. It outlines Klein’s concept of “disaster capitalism,” in which government use or even create disasters to give corporations greater power over normal citizens. Klein shows that the tactic of “shocking” populations into accepting extreme levels of privatization and corporate control is an active goal of American foreign policy. She traces this strategy’s disasterous results from Pinochet’s coup in Chile to the two Iraq wars and everything in between. If you liked The Corporation or An Inconvenient Truth, this is definitely a film for you.