Wednesday, October 06, 2010

《紐約滑板客大事記》Deathbowl to Downtown

時: 11/27 (六/Sat) 7:30pm
地: 寶藏巖 台北市汀州路3段230巷
TREASURE HILL: Dingzhou Rd, Sec. 3, Lane 230 (go to the end)
費: 免費
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SHORTS 短片:創想計畫
Films 影片: 雷磊,Danny Perez, Carsick Cars (12分鐘)

今夜為我們帶來視覺上饗宴的是都來自北京的設計師雷磊和曾三度來台表演的火紅龐克團Carsick Cars 暈暈車! 這場放映同時也是美國一位知名的影像導演Danny Perez的作品大全。他曾經幫一些很酷炫的團拍過音樂錄影帶,像是Animal Collective 和黑骰子樂團 (Black Dice)。

Tonight, the Creators Project gives us designer Ray Lei and the rock band Carsick Cars, both from Beijing. There is also US filmmaker Danny Perez, who has directed music videos and even made films for cool bands, including Animal Collective and the Black Dice.

2 Films by Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski
**Director Q&A following screening

Coan “Buddy” Nichols 與 Rick Charnoski 1998年認識,一下子就發先他們都超愛兩個東西,一個是玩滑板,另一個是以超八米厘底片為拍電影。他們兩個也是那種為了尋找聽說過的傳奇玩滑板的地方,願意開車兩天,不管是在德州,奧勒岡州,或是加州的無水的游泳池。這十年來,他們一直靠著這種素材拍了許多電影,片中的又粗糙又美麗的美學感夠好引起著明獨立電影導演 Gus van Sant 的主意,他後來利用他們的一些片斷在《迷幻公園》 (Paranoid Park) 一部電影裡。 Rick 與 Buddy 拍過電視廣告,MV,短片電影,紀錄片等不同類型的作品,我們現在非常的高興他們能來台北發表部新作!11月27日晚上播放電影之外,他們還會參加寶藏嚴11月27日至28日的 open studio,我們想歡迎大家過來遊牧影展的工作室好好認識。

Coan “Buddy” Nichols and Rick Charnoski met in New York in 1998 through skateboarding and shared an interest in super 8 film. They were the kind of guys who would drive halfway across America to skate a ramp in a backyard in Texas, a skate park in Oregon, or some empty swimming pools in California. They made films about all these things with a beautiful and grainy aesthetic of film, one so powerful Gus van Sant used some of their footage for his film Paranoid Park. Rick and Buddy have been making skate films for more than 10 years now, and also TV commercials, fashion films, music videos, short movies and documentaries. Their biggest so far is Deathbowl to Downtown (2008), a history of skateboarding in New York.

For the open studio at Treasure Hill Artist Village on Nov. 27-28 (Sat-Sun), Rick and Buddy will install some of their earlier films inside their studio. Anyone is welcome to come hang out with them.

Blood Shed
2009/ US/ 24min/ En/Ch

很多年前,美國最早最有名的滑板雜誌 《Thrasher》登上一篇文章,是描述一群年輕人,他們為了玩滑板而侵入陌生人的後院,可是不知道那家裡面住著崇拜撒旦的一群邪教徒。在這部短的劇情片中,大家可以猜後續是甚麼。。。

This short horror film is based on an old article in the first great American skateboard magazine, Thrasher. The article was about a bunch of kids who went to skate a pool at a house inhabited by a satanic cult. Guess what happens next?

《紐約滑板客大事記》Deathbowl to Downtown
2008/ US/ 86min/ En/Ch
Rick 跟 Buddy 一直說這部紀錄片“不應該視為紐約市滑板場景的正式歷史”,不過到現在都沒有更好的版本。為了拍這部,他們花了三年,訪問跟這個歷史有關的超過一百位,也整理好了數千老照片與數百個小時的老 VHS 錄影帶。在這個過程中,導演們一直遇上某一些故事,這部紀錄片就是收集這些故事的結果。透過敘述者 Chloe Sevigny (《Dogville》,《The Brown Bunny》,《Kids》) 的旁白,我們也看見滑板文化是如何從加州的衝浪文化的一個來源而登上陸地,後來傳染到美國各地郊區,終於在80年代的紐約經過一個很關鍵的變化,變成目前還流行的“街頭滑板”模式。

Rick and Buddy say this movie is “not meant to be viewed as the THE HISTORY of skateboarding in New York City,” but it is certainly the best one so far. They spent three years interviewing over 100 people from every generation of the NY skate scene and went through thousands of archival photos and hundreds of hours of footage. Throughout this process the same stories came up over and over. This film, narrated by Chloe Sevigny, is a collection of those stories. It’s also the tale of how skateboarding came out of the ocean in California, then spread to the suburbs all across America, and then in the 1980s underwent an important transformation in New York City, where the urban landscape finally took on a close association with skateboarding and “street skating” was born.