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here's what we did in 2003


urban nomad film fest 2003 – 城市遊牧影展
(華山藝文特區), 1, sec. 1, pateh rd., taipei (台北市八德路一段1號)
APRIL 18 & 19.

TICKETS: 1 day nt$200, 2 days nt$300

now in its second year, the nomad continues with its simple goal of promoting films made locally in taiwan, whether they’re digital or celluloid, expat or taiwanese, professional or amateur. to us they’re all ideas, so here’s the best ideas we could find this time around. also, we’d like to thank ulead, which provided prizes for this year’s festival.

friday, april 18

experimental/art films

making maps (製造地圖) – tony wu (吳俊輝) – 21 min - 台灣重要實驗片導演2002年新作, 曾放映過在New York, Paris 和 Melbourne 的影展 – “Making Maps is my response and reaction to pornography and an understanding of pornography that’s different from its generally perceived function. The process is to experiment with semen and blood (real and fake) to create textures on pornographic pictures I collected from porn magazines and film them one by one both full and partial images. The semen and blood symbolize sexual ecstasy, orgasm, suffering and disease. The images are no longer pornography but rather physical and psychological maps in an abstract transformation through film. Technically, the film is an integration of film from different methods, such as optical printing, animated image, refilmming a film installation, and straight filming.” – Tony Wu

my uncle chen (real), or i am a niece of god - hongjohn lin (林宏璋) – 17 min – 1997 “UFO教派”的真實故事 由教派領導的姪子敘述而成 – the story of taiwan’s UFO cult of 1997, which moved to Garland Texas because its leader, Chen Heng-ming, thought Garland sounded like “godland’. the film was made by chen’s nephew, hongjohn lin, using found footage and his own impressions

24 Framerec – ella raidel – 6 min – 24 hour shots of four cities, Taipei, Johannesburg, Linz and Berlin, showing a unique portrait of the sameness and differences in these urban environments – 四個都市:台北, Johannesburg, Linz, Berlin 24小時全景瞻望

8:45pm documentary

behind the iron hog – michelle lang and charles stelzried – 22 min – 洛杉磯由黑人經營製片公司的真實敘事 – "An irreverent documentary short that looks behind the scenes of the ultra low budget American Independent feature film, I Accidentally Domed Your Son. It features Domed writer/director, Ryan 'Iron Hog' Combs (who earned his nickname by bench pressing 500lbs.); his partner, actress/producerJonnie Diarenzo; his brother, actor and music supervisor Tony Cox; his cousin "Basco" (Albert Brooks); and West Coast rappers Kurupt and Spyder (from "The Row")…a funny, original piece of Americana that captures the "insanity" that is filmmaking." – charles stelzried

9:10 shorts I

as salaam alaykum – kloie picot – 6 min – Picot went to Israel and Palestine, and shot over 30 hours of footage documenting effects the war is having on people’s lives. Several scenes include live fire, which is part of the regular life of the communities visited. This is a promo short edited to raise funding for a full-length documentary.

pie me – kelley deon – 4 min – lots of pies, lots of pies in the face

three minute movie – tim hogan - 8 mins -如果你發現路旁有一具屍體,你該如何? – a body is found by the side of the road. is it dead? what would you do?

premonition – hallie mckeig - 10 min - an art gallery full of love, death, and hypochondria - 發生在畫廊裡的愛,死,與疑病症

victim and french trailer – Eric Wilbur– 6 min - first it’s an edgar allen poe short, then it’s a simple man thrust into sultry bangkok - 兩部黑色喜劇短片

disco on mars – Lloyd Roberts - 5 min –- 薑餅人旅遊到火星 尋求迪斯可 – join Max Pixel (aka Gingerbreadman) and Hector the Vector Snowman as they boogie around through earth and space.
10pm surf/skate +
music performance by kola and the hsimen spiders

RPDX - RPDX - 4 mins – 龐克音樂錄影帶 – a punk rock video by the taichung band RPDX

roots of masalu – kyle zielinski – 20 min – 來自南台灣的衝浪記事 – 3 years of typhoon swells and endless miles of coastline from expat surfers with nothing better to do

saturday, april 19

8:00 mockumentary

redneck vampire – 45 min – mike w anderson – 一個在美國阿拉巴瑪州的男人相信自己是吸血鬼 – on a lost trip through central alabama, in search of direction and a cold beer, anderson stumbled across michael ray vanmeter, the self-proclaimed redneck vampire. armed with camera, anderson set out to document michael ray's outrageous claims of drugs, sex and eternal life, and explore the myths surrounding (redneck) vampires.

8:45 rockumentary

4 guys who just play music & happen to be in a band– olwen bedford, sean scanlan – 13 min -美國德州的後搖滾樂團 爆炸在天空 – a post rockers or glum poseurs? meet austin, tx’s explosions in the sky

dark funeral – david frazier, sean scanlan – 17 min – 此片於2003年紐約地下影展展出 瑞典黑金屬樂團記事- a Swedish black metal band talking about first satanic cults, church burnings and whether or not they fuck horses. debuted in march 2003 at the new york underground film festival

beautiful loser – olwen bedford, sean scanlan – 15 min – 一位台北記者追逐英國流行音樂團之採訪短片 – a local journalist’s half-assed paparazzi attack on the brit-pop band suede
9:30pm shorts II

ego beat – jacob yu – 2 min - 此部短片榮獲2002年金馬獎數位電影最佳剪接獎 - best editing award at the 2002 digital golden horse film festival. jacob yu is a video beatbox.

the beast – Eric Wilbur– 13 min - 私家偵探,瘋狂博士與公園裡的太極拳 – a spoof on hardboiled detectives, mad scientists and taichi in the park

nuts – the oyster – 20 min - 3 vignettes that presuppose terrorism, american vigilantism and mtv’s jackass - 試著想在台中大水溝中玩自製帆船

alphadogah - tc lin – 5 min -

the big cheese – paul Barlow – 10 min - 奇特的辦公室用工具 - an improbable tale about an unlikely piece of office equipment

10:15pm skate/surf

hi bali – jacob yu (于永傑) – 4 min - 放假去巴里島衝浪 - video journal of bali, surfing included

kent’s skate – todd tessier and kent dylan – 8 min – the title’s pretty self descriptive, actually

australian invasion – jason sedor and clayton wholley – 20 min – 澳洲人來台灣衝浪 - showcasing Taiwanese cultureand never-before-seen surfing footage , this documentary chronicles the day to day adventures ofthree Australian surfers as they search this island for its most coveted and elusive break.
11pm music performance + film

cricket, a band from taichung that once wandered off into the abstract only to finally return, meets tony wu’s psycho shower, a film remix of the classic hitchcock shower scene

*schedule is subject to change

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