Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video Art: Chris Ritson

4 Works:
〈Sirius, Bright Star of the Celestial Wolf〉,〈Pound of Flesh〉,〈Ornamental Loop〉,〈Tabloid Phoenix〉


U.S. | 2009 | total: about 5min

Chris Ritson 以剪貼多種被遺棄的肢體印刷影像作為創作媒材,重新組合出動物或是抽象的形體,來檢視混合了神話與怪誕的,關於身體、形態學和文化的議題。物體一開始以變態的人類形象出現,Ritson以精密雕刻般的學院派技巧,巧妙地將原本無趣的物體變形為超脫定義之外的複雜組成。思考自然界中事物的轉變過程,以及我們是如何了解箇中奧妙,Ritson使用水晶,一種傳統被使用在科學領域裡的物質,創造出彷彿外星球的風景,並在整部片中引領以人聲旁白。就在物質與物質之間的關聯逐漸向我們顯現的同時,關於人工或自然的內在本質,我們對於人類感知自然的全是都是無效的,反倒接近於煉金術秘方或神祕占卜。

Examining issues relating to the body, morphology and culture infused with the mysterious and grotesque, Chris Ritson’s clipped images of the body from various discarded print media is reconfigured into animals or abstract shapes. What at first appears as perversions of the human form, Ritson’s detailed sculptural and collage techniques transmogrifies the formerly banal into complex formations that escape definition.

Contemplating the transformative processes in nature and the ways in which we come to understand them, Ritson uses crystals, a medium traditionally associated with science, to create an extraterrestrial-like landscape while initiating temporal narratives through video. As the relationship between the materials used begin to unfold before us, whether intrinsic to nature or artificial, our interpretation of how we perceive nature is negated and becomes analogous to alchemical secrecy or mystic divinations.

Chris Ritson (US)

Chris Ritson 是一位多媒體藝術家,長居於舊金山灣區。他的作品關注於神祕的有機過程、持續不斷的變化、墮落腐敗,以及自然中的再生現象。

Chris Ritson is a multi-media artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work concerns mysterious organic processes, continual mutation, putrefaction, and rebirth in nature.