Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video Art: Raphaël Girault


France | 2005 | 6mins

恐怖事物的化身—邪靈,貫穿了這部實驗影片,迴盪著令人不舒服的恐懼與危險感。利用人類意識的邊緣找到的斷簡殘篇,以及晦澀藝術作品的片段,Spektr 結合了拼貼、雕塑及攝影,延伸了動態影像的傳統語彙。片中的視覺手法讓觀眾感知到身處鬼魅知域的恐懼,以及將至的毀滅之境。

Something widely feared as possible unpleasant danger echoes in this experimental video
through incorporeal spirits; an apparition signaling some source of terror. Using found footage from the fringes of popular consciousness and artworks of obscure scrap materials, Spektr extends beyond the traditional language of the moving image by the integration of collage, sculpture and photography. The visual tactic in this film allows us to sensate the haunting predicament of what is yet to come--total destruction.

Raphaël Girault (FR)

Raphaël Girault 拍攝電影、非主流影片,也拍攝紀錄片。他的作品曾入選Côté-Court電影節 、馬賽國際記錄片影展,以及其他大小影展。

Raphaël Girault is a filmmaker from France. Girault’s work has been selected by the Festival Côté-Court, French Film Library, the International Documentary Film Festival of Marseille, and others.