Saturday, May 15, 2010

Video Art: Stefano Giannotti

The Walbrzych Notebook

Poland, Germany | 2009 | 9mins


A former mining site since 1535, Walbrzych is the most populated city in south-western Poland. During the 1990s, the town’s coal mines were shut down due to societal and economic changes. As a result, the people of Walbrzych experienced a social crisis from the accompanying dismissal of hundreds of workers. While the city today show signs of renewal, this film illustrates the people moving within the city’s spaces confronting their reality. Digressing from historical and economic analysis on the details that took place, the film paints an anthropological portrait; a representation of a place and time filtered through visuals and musical scores of natural sounds, speeches and instrumental music.

Stefano Giannotti (IT)

Stefano Giannotti是一位來自義大利的電影工作者,同時擁有作曲家以及表演藝術家的身分。他的電影及錄像創作主要關注於景觀、記憶、生命循環以及語言等議題,目前正在進行一項綜合探討音樂、收音機及劇場的錄像藝術創作。

Stefano Giannotti is a filmmaker, composer and performance artist from Italy. His films and video work is focused on the themes of landscape, memory, life cycles, and language. He is currently developing video art exploring the synthesis between music, radio and theatre.