Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Copyright Criminals

Huashan, Warehouse #E3, Bade Rd, Sec 1, #1
華山創意園區 烏梅酒廠 台北市八德路一段1號
地圖 / MAP

短片 5 / SHORTS 5

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瘋子?夢境?真實?這是〈羅宋湯〉! 〈阿鳳〉是關於一個妓女和一個小男孩的故事。〈COMPANY POLICY〉是在歐洲某處關於官僚體制及戰爭的諷刺短片。〈猜猜我是 誰?〉和緬甸黑道跟娼妓有關。然後我們有更多酷炫的動畫片,而且Miles Odonnol 會提醒我們看到救護車時要〈請讓開〉!

Psycho? Dream? Reality? It’s RUSSIAN SOUP. FENG is about a prostitute and a little boy, and COMPANY POLICY about bureaucracy and war – maybe somewhere in Europe. GUESS WHO I AM? is about Burmese hookers and gangsters. Then throw in a couple of really seriously cool animations like CLEAR SKIES IN MAY, and as Miles Odonnol would have us remember, when you see an ambulance, PLEASE MAKE WAY.

Russian soup 羅宋湯
Lin, Tsung-hui 林宗輝 / 2009 / TW / 17min / Ch/En
Company Policy
Mark Daniels, Frans Kromhout / 2008 / TW / 25min / Ch/En
Secret Piano 祕密的鋼琴
Lu Wen-chung 呂文忠 / 2007 / US/TW / 3min
Please Make Way 請讓路
Miles Odonnol / 2010 / TW / 1min
Meat or Die 1-3
Tai Murayama / 2009 / Japan / 4.5min
Feng 阿鳳
周尚儀Chou Shang Yi / 2009 / TW / 10min
Guess Who I Am? 猜猜我是誰?
Kyawk Dadyin 趙德胤/ 2010 / TW / 16min / Ch/En
Clear Skies in May
Anny / 2009 / Japan / 5min

《Copyright Criminals》
Benjamin Franzen, Kembrew McCloud/2009/美國/54分鐘

取樣犯法了嗎? 一個由音樂家,製作人和製片所組成的卡司在這個記錄片中探討這議題,討論的範圍從放克界傳奇人物George Clinton到超脫樂團的製作人Steve Albini 到專利法律師。撇開眼前這嚴肅議題,這著實是部為音樂愛好著量身打造的紀錄片。片中參雜著Dj們播放著混音,混搭著影像,而這些剪輯過的片斷顯示出這些原創的音樂是如何的被取樣,剪接,再製,以符合新的音樂品味。最廣泛的應用實例就是James Brown的前鼓手Clyde Stubblefield在「Funky Drummer」中的獨奏,已經成為嘻哈史上最被常取樣的節奏。其他參與演出的的音樂人和音樂團體還有 DJ Qbert, 嘻哈樂團人民公敵<Public Enemy>,美國東岸嘻哈饒舌三人組De La Soul 和DJ Spooky (a.k.a. Paul D. Miller, a.k.a. That Subliminal Kid)…等等。

Copyright Criminals
Benjamin Franzen, Kembrew McCloud/2009/US/54min

Is sampling a crime? In this documentary, the cast of musicians, producers and industry executives weighing in on the issue ranges from funk legend George Clinton to Nirvana’s producer Steve Albini to copyright lawyers. Despite the serious issue at hand, this is truly a doc for the music junkie. Scenes show DJs playing mixes and mashups, and these are dissected in split-screen montages to show how the original music is sampled, cut and refashioned to suit new tastes. One extensive thread is the case of Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown’s former drummer, whose drum solo on the tune “Funky Drummer” has become THE MOST SAMPLED beat in hip hop history. Other musicians and groups to appear include DJ Qbert, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Chibo Matto, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky tha Subliminal Kid and many others.

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