Wednesday, October 06, 2010

《搖滾狂人》Wild Zero

時: 10/31 (日/Sun) 7:30pm (HALLOWEEN!!!!)
地: 寶藏巖 台北市汀州路3段230巷
TREASURE HILL: Dingzhou Rd, Sec. 3, Lane 230 (go to the end)
費: 免費
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短片: 濁水溪公社MV回顧

LTK Commune Music Video Retrospective
**Director and Band Members will attend

今年九月,台灣地下樂團”濁水溪公社”成立滿二十周年。為了慶祝這個台灣最棒的搖滾樂團、最佳本土性代言團已經二十歲了,我們即將為大家放送他們的MV,一起親自見證他們這些年來的成長歷程。~~~ P.S. 導演和濁水溪公社將會參與出席這個活動。

The rock band LTK Commune celebrated its 20th anniversary in September, so what better time to look back at their music videos? Trace their bizarre history in these video documents of Taiwan’s greatest rock’n’roll band.

《搖滾狂人》Wild Zero
竹內鐵郎 (Tetsuro Takeuchi)/ Japan / 2000 / 98min / Jp/En/Ch 日/英/中

史上最酷搖滾樂團大戰外星殭屍!武器呢?就是搖滾樂!主唱在屁股口袋的皮夾裡放了什麼?就是搖滾樂職照! 誰是史上最酷搖滾樂團?他們不是演員,而是真的存在的樂隊,是來自日本的 GUITAR WOLF!這部電影的標語是什麼?廢物與災難!為什麼要看這部?因為是萬聖節,而且這部電影酷斃了!電影裡面有日本變態與搖滾怪咖嗎?當然有!還有什麼? 不用問!趕快來寶藏巖看這部電影就對啦!

The coolest rock ‘n roll band in the world fights zombies from outer space! What is their weapon? rakenrol! What does the lead singer carry in the wallet on his ass? A Rock and Roll License? Who plays the part of the coolest band in the world? They are not actors. They are in fact the coolest band in the world: Japan’s Guitar Wolf! What is the tagline of this movie? TRASH AND CHAOSSSS!!! Why are we showing this? It is Haloween and this movie is awesome!! Does this movie also include weird rock ‘n roll coming of age story and lots of perverts? YES! YES! YES! What else do you need to know? Nothing!!! Just get your ass to Treasure Hill and watch this film!