Thursday, April 01, 2010


台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號
Taipei Artist Village, #7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei
MAP / 地圖

短片 4 / SHORTS 4

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Hsu Ya-ting is a Taiwanese filmmaker living in Chicago, and her latest short, MIND DANCE, depicts Chris, an aged filmmaker, struggling with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. As reality slips out of his control, Chris’ memories become disorganized and the film itself literally breaks into fragments. MY HEART, MY SOUL surprised us as a touching and unexpectedly serious drama. The rest of the program consists of charming animations and video experiments.

The Garden 妹妹背著洋娃娃
Monster Chang 張淑滿 / 2009 / TW / 7min
You completed me 你們,使我完整
Liang Te-tu 梁德宇 / 2009 / TW / 2.5min
The Deadly Window 噬窗
湯俊豪 Tang Chun-hao / 2008 / TW / 4min
My Heart, My Soul 少年心
Jin Zin-jie 金子傑 / 2010 / TW / 16min / En/Ch
I'm seeing myself.... 我看固我在
Huang Ya-nung 黃雅農 / 2009 / UK / 1min
Playground 遊樂場
Huang Ya-nung 黃雅農 / 2009 / UK / 3min
Mind Dance 放心漫舞
Hsu Ya-ting 許雅婷 / 2009 / US / 28min / En/Ch

《舞者紀事 : 許芳宜的紀錄》 DANCING DIARY
Tseng Blook, Lee Chien-chang 曾筱竹,李建常 / 2009 / TW / 78min / Ch/En

Sheu Fang-yi was the first Asian artist ever invited for a residency at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York, and this film documents her working process there in creating a new performance. The filming not only shows some arrestingly beautiful dancing, it also shows Sheu and the choreographer Bulareyaung Pagarlava starting from the blank canvas of the practice studio to choreograph a work of the highest art. Sheu is truly one of Taiwan’s most stunning creative talents, and this documentary – shown here in a brand new version – is up to the task of displaying her somatic genius and bringing us into her world.

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