Friday, October 08, 2010


CONCEPT: Because Treasure Hill is located along one of Taipei’s busiest bicycle paths, we’ve decided to create a new type of Drive-in Theater, and we’re inviting all of Taipei to drive in on their bicycles and watch some films with us. We’ll be showing one film a week for about six weeks in October and November. Aside from a special surprise we have prepared for Halloween, these films will be documentaries we’ve chosen because they’re both entertaining and tell us important things about the world around us. In recent decades, the world has been changing incredibly fast, and documentaries not only capture these changes most directly, they also reflect more basic changes, because they represent a democratization of the filmmaking process. Different groups of people are now more able to make films than ever before, especially women, activist groups, subculture groups and members of the developing world. As a result, views of “the world” are changing, and through documentary film we are seeing a richer and more diverse landscape of events. These events can be geopolitical news events, virtual events that take place through the media, or the grass-roots cultural developments. What they have in common, and what documentary captures best, is how these are all also human events, involving real people living real lives. All films will be free to the public, and we will invite some directors for audience Q&A sessions, workshops and screenings.

First off, we recommend plastic wine glasses, because they will not break and certainly look better than paper cups. But seriously, these screenings will be outdoors and seating will consist of a lovely grassy park, so we recommend you prepare yourself just a bit. Good things to bring include: blankets and mats to sit on, camping chairs, mosquito repellent, a lunchbox from your favorite restaurant, proper clothing, and anything else you think you will need. Some beverages will be available.