Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Wholphin was founded in 2005 by the McSweeneys publishing house as one of America’s first DVD magazines and a self-billed “collection of rare and unseen films.” It includes works by major directors like Miranda July (Me, You and Everyone We Know) and Steven Soderbergh (Sex, Lies and Videotape) and demonstrates general predilections for the situation of the artist, alternative liberalism, and irony in the age of luxury. The name Wholphin is taken from the hybrid of a whale and dolphin (Yes, it’s possible, and in fact it’s already happened.) and meant to connote the somewhat self-conscious creation of “a viable new species.”

鯨豚Wholphin=鯨頭(whale)+豚身(dolphin) (不騙你,畢竟複製羊桃麗誕生後,真的什麼都有可能) 成立於2005年,是美國第一本DVD期刊,標榜「我們專門收集你找不到、不知道的影片」,包括經典作品、教學影片、異國短片,以及主流導演Miranda July (偶然與你相遇)、Steven Soderbergh (性謊言錄音帶) 等之作品。同時,鯨豚代表本世紀「培育出新物種」的無極限創造力。作為一個品味獨特的文學網站兼出版社McSweeney’s,鯨豚邀請閱聽眾分享他們在藝術、人文等的視角,對這時代讓人沉溺的種種享受也毫不留情。鯨豚接受了本屆城市游牧邀請,牠將神秘地泳渡太平洋,數支精采影片將分成兩個主題(I、II)呈現。

Sour Death Balls酸溜溜地獄糖

Jessica Yu/ Wholphin 2/ 4:30min/ no dialogue (無)
Never Like the First Time初體驗
Jonas Odell/ Wholphin 3/ 14:30/ Swe/ En/Ch subs (英/中)
Building No. 7 7號大樓
Steven Soderbergh/ Wholphin 2/ 4min/ no dialogue (無)
“Yeah Yeah, We Speak English, Just Serve”

Wholphin/ Wholphin 3/ 3:30min/ En/Ch subs (英/中)
Mark Osborne/ Wholpin 2/ 6:30min/ no dialogue (無)
The Writer作家
Carson Mell/ Wholphin 1/ 3min/ En/Ch subs (英/中)
The Great Escape大逃亡
Jeroen Offerman/ Wholphin 1/ 10min/ no dialogue (無)