Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rooftop Antics 頂上開趴
Every Saturday night at Urban Nomad, we like to turn film into a party and watch films where you can just drink beer and shout at the screen. This is stuff like skateboard and surf vids, animation, music videos and low-brow comedy.

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Suprematist Kapital 資本主義萬萬歲
Yin-ju Chen and James T. Hong/ 2006/ US/ 5min/ no dialogue (無)
The brief HI$TORY of the modern world in high-ãontrast ICON$.
**2006 San Francisco International Film Festival
舊金山導演James Hong以符號來敘述現代歷史。
參展紀錄:2006 舊金山國際影展

Jenny and Adsponse.01
Eko Nugroho/ 2006/ Indonesia/ 1:43min/ no dialogue (無)
Punk animation. 朋克動畫

Donkey Mountain 驢山
Erin King/ 2007/ Taiwan/ 9min/ no dialogue (無)
Psychadelic documentary: Ah! Rocket Girl! What evil looks/ Had I from old and young!/ Instead of the cross, the Albatross/ About my neck was hung.

Earthquake Island寶島上的板塊運動
Tubetime Productions/ 2007/ Taiwan/ 12:30min/ no dialogue (無)
All Taiwan waves, all Taiwan rock.

Hsu Fu-hsiang許富翔/ Taiwan/ 8:30min/ no dialogue (無)
Animation: Tripped out voyaging. 幻想旅遊記。

Men’s Longboarding Kenting Cup

Jason Sedor/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 6min/ no dialogue (無)
These guys are definitely “hanging ten” at the 1st Kenting Cup Surf Tournament with music from Red-I and the Riddim Outlawz.

Convenient 便利
Kelley Deion/ 2007/ Taiwan/ 3min/ no dialogue (無)
One guy is definitely in a hurry as he rushes through a Family Mart while his friends look on.

Loren Von Hogue/ 2007/ Taiwan/ 6min/ English (英)
An investigative look at what goes on under the costume as a recent Cosplay convention in downtown Taipei.


Jason Sedor/2006/Taiwan / 5:09/no dialogue
Who needs a surfboard? Patrick O’Leary does pretty well with just a pair of fins!

Les Humains
Thien Vu Dang/ Canada/ 4min/ Fr/ En subs (法/英)
A music video for the band aKido.

Yi Ren, BayBay and A-Mei
Jason Sedor/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 5min/ no dialogue (無)