Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Experimental Rooftop 頂上實驗

Usando a John and 6AM
Paulina Velazquez Solis/ 2006/ Costa Rica/ 4min/ no dialogue (無)
Animation: Line drawings, a deep throated voice, a cartoon character looses
his hair.
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Sweet Dream
Huang Po-chih 黃博志/ 2006/ Taiwan/4:08min/ no dialogue (無)
Video art: Made with thousands or even tens of thousands of scans of his own face.

Europe Resurrection

Tony Wu吳俊輝/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 6min/ no dialogue (無)
Experimental/ film art: A literal collage of film and found footage, in which the celluloid is literally as thick as the images are vibrant.
**artwork selected for 2006 Taipei Biennial

A Liter of Milk 一公升的奶。精
Chang Chen-yu 張岑宇/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 3:30min/ no dialogue (無)

No. Game 數字遊戲
Debbie Hsu 許榕容/ 2007/ Taiwan/ 3:30min/ no dialogue (無)

14 Rooms 十四間房
Meng Jin 孟瑾/ 2005/ China/ 3min/ no dialogue (無)

Carriage 車相
Xu Xin 徐辛/ 2005/ China/ 18min/ Ch/ En subs (中/英)
Documentary: The footage was shot on overcrowded railway cars in China during the peak of the Chinese new year holiday with accompanying natural sound – cinema verite in the extreme. Passengers sit in the aisles, between cars; Tibetan women sing Mao-era patriotic songs, the mundane becomes the extraordinary.

Time Variations時間變奏曲
Lee Mingyu/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 6min/ no dialogue (無)