Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Game of Their Lives人生賽事

Can and Slipper夢想世界盃
Khavn de la Cruz/ 2005/ Philippines/ 2min/ no dialogue (無)
Narrative: Soccer and poverty in the slums and garbage heaps of Metro Manila.
**Artistic and Cultural Programme, FIFA World Cup, Germany, 2006
**Berlin Film Festival 2005 + 12 other festival appearances
**參展紀錄: 2006德國世界盃足球賽藝文展,2005柏林影展,等其他十二項國際影展

Pyongyang Robogirl 平壤機器女
Simojukka Ruippo and Jouni Hokkanen/ 2001/ Finland/ 3min/ no dialogue (無)
It’s hard to say what’s more techno, the music, or Pyongyong’s women traffic cops.

The Game of Their Lives人生賽事

Daniel Gordon/ 2002/ UK/ 80min/ En + Kor/Ch subs (英+韓/中)
Documentary: The only North Korean soccer team to ever made the World Cup was in 1966 on a fluke. Then they stunned the entire world by beating Italy and advancing to the tournament’s elimination rounds. In 2002, the film crew traveled to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang to interviews the original team members. They open a window into the closed society of the hermit state, and also present a warm sports story of past glory and friendships with the fans in Middlesbrough, England, who adopted them as their own. Though produced in England, virtually everyone in North Korea has also seen this documentary.
**Best Sports Documentary, Royal Society Television Awards (UK) 2003
**Followed by filmmaker Q&A
紀錄片: 北韓足球隊在1966年幸運地參與了當年的世界盃足球賽。結果他們出乎意料的在淘汰賽中擊敗了強敵義大利而晉級。2002年,本片製作單位到了平壤採訪了當時擔崗北韓國家隊的隊員。他們為這個封閉且不為人之的國家開啟了一扇對外的窗,而這群英國佬也被熱情地接納成為當地的一份子,最後呈現了一個由光榮歷史和友誼交織而成的溫馨故事。雖然本片製作於英國,但幾乎所有的北韓民眾都曾被這部片所感動。
**參展紀錄: 2003皇家協會影視獎最佳運動紀錄片(英國)