Wednesday, April 11, 2007

焦點導演:陳蔚爾 Lynn Chen

Director in Focus: Lynn Chen

Lynn Chen comes to cinema with both a cinephile’s love of movies and radical suspicion of there falsity. She’s a 26-year-old director who has so far made more of her own art films than commercial work, though last year she directed her first music video for the pop singer Fish Leong. Often self-conscious and very ‘meta’, the two films in this program come in fragments, some of which are staged and some of which are not, but in the end, if we ask where reality is, we find it exists in between them.

Seven Scenes About Love 愛情電影
Lynn Chen陳蔚爾/ 2003/ Taiwan/ 17min/ Ch/ En (/)
每部愛情電影都有一首主題歌; 每個愛情故事都由真人實事改編。當批啪拍響的板聲落下, 我們於是知道,眼見的真實, 終究才是假的。而這便成了一部,最長的短片,或者最短的長片。

A Flight to Yesterday 飛往昨天的CI006
Lynn Chen陳蔚爾/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 28min/ Ch/ En (/)
After fainting, a stewardess has the choice to stay in yesterday forever. At the same time, this tale’s storyteller could become a runner that always falls behind in both races and love. The story begins with a junior high track meet, then moves on to the moment when flight CI006 crosses the international date line and arrives at yesterday, affecting both the life of the character and narrator at once.