Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Taiwan’s Social Movements were of course born in the early 1990s following the end of martial law. Recently new student activist groups have taken up new causes like Treasure Hill and the Lesheng Sanatorium. Add to this foreign labor, sprinkle in a comic environmental protest from Korea, and here is a local glimpse of social issues today.
90年初台灣解嚴後,各種社會運動一度如雨後春筍四處崛起,直到近年,許多學生也紛紛投身社會運動,比較特別的是,他們往往特別關注弱勢議題,例如寶藏巖的保存、樂生療養院的古蹟化等等。矛頭不僅對準政府,也引起大眾意識到:都市發展的同時,歷史文化的保存,也應受到同等重視。原來這個節目要叫 〞台彎新社運〞,不過後來我們收到一些國外片,於環抱等問題相關,就發現

Three Corners 三樓
Lu Deng-gui 呂登貴/ 7:30min/ no dialogue ()
Documentary: A three-legged dog and other animal stories.
**Bronze Screwdriver for Documentary, 4th Screwdriver Student Film Festival
參展紀錄:螺絲起子學生影展紀錄片類 銅螺絲獎

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Life with Happiness 樂生活
Lin Yuan-yu and Hsu Ya-ting
林婉玉+許雅婷/ 2007/ Taiwan/ 29min/ Ch ()
Student activists fight the Taipei County Government to save the Lesheng Sanatorium and the homes of the aging resident lepers, who’ve been forced one way or another for their whole lives, and now want to live out their autumn years in peace.

Treasure Hill 包藏嚴
Momo/ 2007/ Taiwan/ 10min/ Ch ()


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Maritess vs. Superfriends馬莉塔斯的超人朋友們
Dino Ignacio/ 2002/ Philippines/ 7:30min/ En/ Ch subs (/)
Animation: Ignacio teamed up with Filipino comic Rex Navarro for this parody of life as a migrant worker. It shows a Filipino maid who gets a job (but not a visa) working for the Superfriends.
動畫:導演Ignacio與菲律賓喜劇演員Rex Navarro合作,譜出這首關於移民勞工的諷諭詩。故事為一位受雇到超人家工作的菲傭,主人身為超人,卻無法替她取得簽證

Thai Workers in Taiwan: A Lottery for a Life Long Debt 台灣夣泰辛苦

Thai Labor Foundation/ 2006/ Thailand/ 25min/ Thai/ En + Ch subs (/英+中)
Documentary: Women Thai migrant laborers tell their nightmare experiences of working in Taiwan once they return home. For placement in Taiwan, many Thais borrow exorbitant sums of money to pay broker’s fees. But they receive no guarantees, and if they are unlucky or fail during the trial period, their employer can send them back home, where they find themselves saddled with huge debts and unforgiving shame.

Selugi Lee/ 2004/ Korea/ 8min/ no dialogue ()
It looks like a car, it takes up space like a car…


Living Room 客廳
Hsu Tsen-chu
許岑竹 /2006/ Taiwan/ 9min/ Ch ()