Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ASIAN UPHEAVAL 鏡 困 亞 洲︰短波四

From Taiwan, poverty is only a quick flight away. Here we look at the lives of our poor neighbors in the Philippines, Burma, Indonesia and also wealthy Singapore in their struggles for human rights and democracy.

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A Long Struggle被包圍的聲音
Lea Rekow/ 2005/ Australia/ 18:30min/ En/ Ch subs (/)
Documentary: Armed with a pinhole camera and posing as a school teacher, filmmaker Lea Rekow secretly crosses the border of Thailand into Burma to document the government’s extermination campaigns against ethnic minorities.
參展紀錄:Tribeca 影展 2006

Banda Aceh Comix 海之宴 人之過
Eko Nugroho/ 2005/ Indonesia/ 1min/ no dialogue ()
Animation: Post-tsunami political satire.

Khavn de la Cruz/ 2007/ Philippines/ 12min/ no dialogue ()
Documentary: Khavn’s films rake Manila’s slums with an eye for tragedy and an ear for rock ‘n roll. It’s like the global economy is the rock star, and the Philippines is its hard-living failing liver. This film is a shorter version of Squatterpunk, for which he won the Grand Jury Prize at 2006 Cinemanila. It shows an impoverished kid with a mohawk rockin’ away in the landfill of the global village.

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Speakers Cornered被包圍的聲音
Martyn See施忠明/ 2006/ Singapore/ 27:30min/ En/ Ch subs (/)
Documentary: IMF-World Bank meetings are generally wracked by demonstrations – except in Singapore in 2006. This is a recording of the only public act of defiance.

Apple 蘋果
Sherad Anthony Sanchez/ 2005/ Philippines/ 11min/ Tagalog/ En subs (/)
Reality fiction: In a shanty-town slum in Davao, the Philippines, a young teen girl is called off a playground by a man smoking a cigarette, who ushers her to a waiting car. This transaction is shot plainly in mini-DV, and through this simple window, the reality shifts from innocuous kids games to a young girl’s horror. Older women sing “Cristianos, ease the pain in purgatory, the pain earned from sins on earth.” How do third-world families sell their daughters into prostitution? Like this.
International Film Festival Rotterdam

Hopia Express交錯之間的愛戀
Janus Victoria/ 2006/ Philippines/ 13:30/ Tagalog/ En subs (/)
Narrative: An immigrant storekeeper has a crush on a local who’s keen to emigrate.
**Best Short Film, 2006 Cinemanila International Film Fest
參展紀錄:2006馬尼拉國際影展 最佳短片