Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Saturday Night - Apr. 28

Killer of the Killers 殺手?
Hsu Fu-hsiang 許富翔/ Taiwan/ 4min/ Ch/ En subs (中/英)
Narrative: Being a professional is important for a hit man, but there are always loose ends.

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Dark Disco and The Breeder全民懂ㄘ
Eko Nugroho/ 2006/ Indonesia/ 4min/ no dialogue (無)
Animation: Sort of like a rock ‘n roll Monty Python cartoons with a global political edge.
**2006 Taipei Biennial artist

Woodman 2: BBS Fighting 木偶人2
Hero a.k.a Lin Shi-yong林世勇/ 2004-2006/ Taiwan/19min/ Ch (中)
CG: “It all started from BBS” – the Internet-based bulletin board systems that are the home and major communications channel for Taiwanese youth. In 3-D animation with references to Hollywood action films and epics, Lin stages a wholly original BBS war fought around the real web site he calls home:
**2006 Bronze Medal, Taichung Creation Movie Competition
**參展紀錄:2006 台中小金馬銅牌獎

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Maritess vs. Superfriends馬莉塔斯的超人朋友們
Dino Ignacio/ 2002/ Philippines/ 7:30min/ En/ Ch subs (英/中)
Animation: Ignacio teamed up with Filipino comic Rex Navarro for this parody of life as a migrant worker. It shows a Filipino maid who gets a job (but not a visa) working for the Superfriends.
動畫:導演Ignacio與菲律賓喜劇演員Rex Navarro合作,譜出這首關於移民勞工的諷諭詩。故事為一位受雇到超人家工作的菲傭,主人身為超人,卻無法替她取得簽證…

Thai Workers in Taiwan: A Lottery for a Life Long Debt台灣夣泰辛苦
Thai Labor Foundation泰國勞工基金會/ 2006/ Thailand/ 25min/ Thai/ En + Ch subs (泰/中+英)
Documentary: Women Thai migrant laborers tell their nightmare experiences of working in Taiwan once they return home. For placement in Taiwan, many Thais borrow exorbitant sums of money to pay broker’s fees. But they receive no guarantees, and if they are unlucky or fail during the trial period, their employer can send them back home, where they find themselves saddled with huge debts and unforgiving shame.