Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Story Of My Life: Shorts II

Movies don’t need to be tools of globalization aimed at mass audiences. Sometimes movies can be like making a phone call to a good friend. These short films are kind of like that.

The Furthest Distance 最遙遠的距離

Lin Ding-jie 林鼎傑/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 3:30min/ Ch/ En subs (中/英)
Cubicle comedy.
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Travel Diary
Liu Keng-ming/ Taiwan/ 7min/ no dialogue (無)
An animated travelogue. 動畫旅遊記。
**2006 Adobe 設計成就獎動畫獎

Liu Chia-hsin 劉家欣/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 4min/ Ch/ En subs (中/英)

Zo Gong 做工
Jacen Tan/ 2006/ Singapore/ 9mins/ Ch + Sing/ En subs (中+新/英)
Complaints of a Singaporean office plebe/ aspiring film auteur.
新加坡辦工組/ 藝術導演的大抱怨。

Night of the Square Boat 方舟之夜
Long Yuan-zhi 龍緣之/2006/ Taiwan/ 12:30min/ Ch (中)

Remi Crussiere/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 14min/ Ch/ En subs (中/英)
A story about two old neighbors who sit in the park and gossip about the activities of neighbors. Eventually, their imaginations get a little carried away and they venture into other people's apartments and speculate about just what really happened to a neighbor's wife weather.

Behind the Wall 牆後的世界

Rong Dao-hong 容道弘/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 7:30min/ Ch/ En subs (中/英)

Kenneth Chan 陳耀鈞/ Hong Kong/ 8min/ Ch/ En and Ch subs (港/中英)

Incomplete 殘

Chong Jia-yu 鐘嘉妤/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 10min/ Ch/ En subs (中/英)

Her Fantasy and Memories of the Smell
Debbie Hsu許榕容/ 2007/ Taiwan/ 9:30/ Ch/ En subs (中/英)

Taipei Movie One
Darin Caudle/ 2006/ Taiwan/ 18:30min/ En/Ch (英/中)
Poetic musings on relationships mesh with Taipei’s various vehicular conveyances: the planes at Songshan Airport, highway overpasses, and of course the MRT.