Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who is Haoran? 浩然是誰?

Who is Haoran? 浩然是誰?
Yang Yishu楊弋樞/ 2006/ China/ 48min/ Ch/ En subs (中/英)
Reality narrative: A group of young teens and/or wannabe gangsters roam around a dirty, minor, backwater of a Chinese city looking for another kid named Haoran. They want to beat the crap out of him. It’s like a reality version of the Human Prey meets Lord of the Flies, and the drama rides the edge of a knife.
真實敘事: 一群青少年(或說是一群幫派少年)在某個中國城市的偏僻角落,尋找一位叫「浩然」的孩子,他們想教訓他滿嘴的胡說八道。這部片就像是現實版的電影Human Prey和Lord of the Flies (蒼蠅王)的綜合體,寫實地呈現出剃刀邊緣般的生活。