Friday, April 03, 2009

5/2 (六) Saturday

台北藝術村+ 台北市北平東路5號
TAV +, 5 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei 地圖 / Map
門票:$350 或预售票加$100
Ticket: $350 or advance ticket + $100

NEW!!: 凱比鳥 (KbN) + Boyz and Girl


Sonic Youth: Sleeping Nights Awake
Micheal Albright & Project Moonshine/ 2008/ US/ 84 minutes/ En/Ch 英/中

即使他們已經是一支經典級的傳奇樂隊,但Sonic Youth還是可能讓人誤 以為一支是三十年前紐約下城的地下噪音樂隊:他們依然激進並對時代不滿,依然一直探索音樂與聲響的界線,依然具有反明星的不做作姿態。

而在這部迷人的黑白電影中,你看到、聽到上述一切:他們在舞台上現場演奏的迷幻爆音,以及他們在舞台下的親切自然。而你絕對不會想到,這部片是由幾個高中生一起拍的-----當然經過高手的帶領。但也 許正是因為遭遇這些年輕熱情的搖滾青年,Sonic Youth更能表現出他 們純粹的生命力。 - 張鐵志

An intimate, black and white portrait of Sonic Youth shot by seven high school students who wandered are given all access to roam around backstage and onstage during a concert in Reno, Nevada. Their cameras reveal a strikingly honest account of underground music superstar couple, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. Produced by Project Moonshine, a non-profit organization to teach filmmaking skills to students in the hopes they will document events in their communities, the film succeeds through its candor and honesty, peering into the minds of this band that has spent more than two decades on the road. And then there is the music, ten gorgeous songs, filmed from multiple angles and expertly woven together.