Friday, April 03, 2009

4/28 (二) Tuesday

台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號
Taipei Artist Village, 7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei 地圖 Map


Shorts 4: Documentary


That’s right, the unexamined life and all that. These homegrown documentaries are important. Hla Huy is a wonderful documentary on an aboriginal youth who tries to recreate a life for himself after getting out of jail. His dream is simply to hunt, but in this day and age, life is never that simple. Other stories give first-hand accounts of the 1949 immigration from the Dachen Islands, life after switching genders, the stray dog problem and going to work.

The Footprint of Ta’Chen 陳跡

Li Hsin-hua 李欣樺/ 2009/ Taiwan/ 12min/ Ch/En 中/英
Mobius 莫比烏斯
Hung Wei-ting 洪瑋婷/ 2009/ Taiwan/ 17min/ Ch/En 中/英
Transfer Point
Jenny Lin/ 2007/ Canada/ 5min/ no dialogue 無對話
Return + Fantasy
Chen An-ju 陳安如, Huang Chi 黃琪/ 2008/ Taiwan/ 4min/ no dialogue 無對話
Hla Huy 山上
Huang Yu-fang 黃郁芳, Lien Zhi-kai 連智凱/ 2007/ Taiwan/ 27min/ Ch/Atayal/En 中/泰雅/英
Await 等,待
Huang Min-yen 黃閔彥/ 2009/ Taiwan/ 12min/ Ch/En 中/ 英


Who Killed Our Children? 誰殺了我們的孩子?

Pan Jianlin 盤劍林/ 2008/ China/ 92min/ Ch/En中/ 英


A feature documentary exploring both the terrible tragedy and the human error that led to the death of 300 school children in China’s Sichuan Province. The camera provides eyewitness evidence that school officials “locked” their students in classrooms during a rest period when the powerful earthquake struck. Already condemned by building officials, the school crumbled to the ground with few managing to escape. In the aftermath of this tragedy, parents bury their only children in shallow graves near the school, and search for a way to express their grief and anger over the event. This controversial documentary nakedly pursues the truth about this incident without fear of government censorship.