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4/29 (三) Wednesday

台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號
Taipei Artist Village, 7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei 地圖 Map


Whitey Strikes Back

誰說老外來台灣只會教英文?薪水高休閒時間多的老外們也會拍些很棒的片子! 「玻璃箱」遠赴高雄與檳榔西施對話、「Year of the Cock」帶你體驗衝浪的刺激樂趣、「Santa’s Shitty Night」滑稽逗趣讓你笑開懷、「Have a Seat Please」和椅子一起動起來、還有「Chick-A-Wah」裡的變態玩偶!之外還有兩部本土作,衝浪紀錄片「浪人」,以及深入抓娃娃機器的神奇次文化的「Please Insert Coin」。

Who says foreigners just teach English? High salaries and ample leisure also leave time for filmmaking. Here, Matt Finlin delivers his paean to the betel nut girl, “The Glass Box.” There is hyperactive surf editing from Jason Sedor and a hilarious all-night bender by Shawn McClelland in “Santa’s Shitty Night.” But the program is not totally restricted to the confines of the Shida White Ghetto. There’s also Urs P. Twellmann’s animation from Switzerland and Jaco Yu’s poetic surf film “Wave Man.” And “Please Insert Coin” is a fantastic doc that goes deeper into the subculture of Dream Catcher players than we ever thought possible.

Making Me
Sarah Breidenbach/ 2008/ Taiwan/ 30sec/ no dialogue 無對話
The Glass Box 玻璃箱
Matt Finlin/ 2008/ Taiwan/ 33min/ Ch/En 中/英
Have a Seat Please
Urs P. Twellman/ 5min/ Switzerland/ no dialogue無對話
Norman Szabo/ 2008/ Taiwan/ 2min/ no dialogue無對話
Please Insert Coin
Wang Cheng 王政一/ 2007/ Taiwan/ 13min/ Ch/En 中/英
Vainly 心中的那片森林
Tsai Chia-en 蔡家恩/ 2008/ Taiwan/ 4min/ Ch 中
Santa’s Shitty Night
Shawn McClelland/ 2009/ Taiwan/ 11min/ En/Ch英/中
Year of the Cock
Jason Sedor/ 2008/ Taiwan/ 6min/ En/Ch 英/中
Wave Man 浪人
Jaco Yu 于永傑/ 2005-2009/ Taiwan/ 8min/ Ch/En 中/英


Hans Fjellestad/ 2004/ US/ 70min/ En/Ch 英/中
「Moog」是一部2004年發行的紀錄片,紀錄的對象是經典合成器Moog的發明人──Robert Moog。全片以訪談為主,穿插Moog樂器的表演或使用Moog配樂的廣告片段等資料影片。訪談內容真摯動人,由Moog本人講述當年發明這項電子樂器的來龍去脈,產品出現後對音樂界甚至整個文化層面的影響,佐以珍貴影片讓觀眾不只想像,而是實際看見Moog的力量。此片受訪問地樂手包含Keith Emerson、Rick Wakeman、多年合作Beastie Boys的Mix Master Mike、DJ Spooky等各時代的高手,配樂包含Stereolab、The Album Leaf、Bernie Worrel & Bootsy Collins、Tortoise等團的原創作。

導演Hans Fjellestad是音樂科班出身,活躍於洛杉磯前衛音樂界。Moog是他繼Frontier Life之後的第二部紀錄片。 - 李佳純

This feature documentary film traces the life of Bob Moog (1934-2005) who invented the modern day synthesizer and was a pivotal figure in the history of electronic music, shaping musical styles ranging from Funk to New Wave to Techno. Moog’s story is told here by following he talks with and watches performances by a slew of legendary musicians, including Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Bernie Worrell, Money Mark, DJ Spooky and Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys). Early on, Moog was captivated by electronic sounds and spent much of his life building synthesizers. The first models were as big as telephone switchboards and required hours of set up. The original soundtrack features Moog music by Stereolab, The Album Leaf, Bernie Worrel & Bootsy Collins, Tortoise and many others.

Moog documentary web site / 官方網站

Bob Moog (1934-2005)

Moog All-star jam at Moog Fest, San Francisco