Friday, April 03, 2009

4/30 (四) Thursday

台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號
Taipei Artist Village, 7 Beiping E. Rd, Taipei 地圖 Map


虛構的那種怪味 Strange as Fiction
「百獄」的故事處於一個未來的高雄,就是那種世界末日之後的場景。其實,跟現在的高雄差沒有很多,有一點可怕...更真實的是「拐彎的夏天」,故事中的幾位青年朋友混到棒球場,吸K他命,被警察發現而抓了,可是警察也是青 年之一的老爸。
Yup, head straight into weirdness, this program is all about the dark side. In some films the action is figurative, as in “Nirvana,” where Kaohsiung is turned into a post-apocalyptic city of ghosts. (Talk about hitting the nail on the head!) But there’s also realism. In “The Twisted Summer,” we get a kid who snorts too much ketamine and gets caught by his dad, who’s a cop.

Nirvana 百獄
Yo Jhi-hang 游智涵/ 2008/ Taiwan/ 25min/ Ch/En 中/英
Kuro Underworld 勇健無現實所
Val Lee 李靜怡/ 2008/ Taiwan/ 2min/ Spanish/Ch 西班牙/ 中
Lemon Tree 檸檬樹
Lin Wei-da 林韋達/ Taiwan/ 3min/ Ch/En 中/英
Switch 第二人生
Yu Cheng-yu 游正裕/ 2008/ Taiwan/ 4min/ Ch/En 中/英
Brad Hoffarth, Kyle Maki/ 2008/ US/ 9min/ En/Ch 英/中
The Twisted Summer 拐彎的夏天
Chan Yi-Ching 詹依靜/ 2009/ Taiwan/ 15min/ Ch/En 中/英
Andreas Richert/ 2009/ Germany, Switzerland/ 3min/ no dialogue 無對話
A-li 阿力/ 2008/ Taiwan/ 1min/ no dialogue 無對話
Rat 鼠
Lau Kek-huat 廖克發/ 2008/ Taiwan, Malaysia/ 16min/ Ch/En 中/英


In Focus: Second Life

Ilya Lee of the Social Brain Foundation will introduce this program.

《第二人生》(Second Life)是一款多媒體、即時互動的虛擬世界(virtual world)線上遊戲。這個遊戲沒有打怪、練功、奪寶、關卡,也沒有人來替你設定任務與難易度。當林登實驗室設定規則後,所有你所看見的事物都是使用者自己創造的內容(UGC, User Generated Content)。從自己的身份、身體到設計一個小世界,通通都是自我心境的創造與展現,以及其他心靈的共鳴與迴響。它像是從真實世界走回到自己內心的一個內在之旅:等到你開始覺得無聊的時候,你的旅程正要開始。這個節目總有兩部紀錄片,《第二個我》描述一位德國男士的線上與線下的生活,作為第二人生與第一人生的對比。 2007年在美國Cinemax播放過的《Molotov Alva》則以新的攝影軟體,是完全在第二人生的虛擬世界裡拍的,記錄一位男士脫離人生世界而深入去探索第二人生的各種可能性。

Second Life is a 3D virtual world created in 2003. It now has more than 13 million users globally, up to 60,000 of which can be logged in at any one time. Many believe that Second Life represents an intensification of the way we interact with virtual space. The two documentaries here show Second Life from two different angles. “Second Me” follows Second Life user Bendix. In Real Life (RL), he is an unemployed, single, chainsmoking German man who hardly leaves his apartment. In Second Life (SL), he leads a wild life with beautiful women in a virtual art scene. “Molotov Alva and his Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey” is a groundbreaking work by US director Douglas Gayeton that aired in part on Cinemax in the US in 2007. Having worked with the likes of William Gibson in applying new technologies to storytelling, Gayeton here chose to “film” completely within Second Life, using software that records action in the 3D world. The story consists of the video diaries of Molotov Alva, who has left Real Life behind to embark on a SL quest for higher meaning.

Second Me 第二個我
Anna Thommen/ 2008/ Switzerland/ 18min/ Ger/En/Ch英/中
Molotov Alva and his Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey
Douglas Gayeton/ 2007/ US/ 52min/ En/Ch英/中