Tuesday, April 01, 2008

5/1 (四) Thursday

@Taipei Artist Village, 7 Beiping E. Rd., Taipei (MRT Shandao Temple)
台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號-善導寺捷運站
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Shorts 7: Silly and Twisted

短片七: 活著就是蠢事

如果你和我們一樣,總覺得人生嘛別太嚴肅,「甘吱拉」部片會讓你很有共鳴:花上一整天製作一套怪獸服順便拍一支十多分鐘的短片,人生嘛今晚的電影會是你的人生指南! Jim Jarmusch 絕對會推崇的「激情旅社」有神秘的謀殺色彩,We Are Traveling 教你怎麼搭便車,導演侯季然記錄在大潤發整理推車的生活,「購物車男孩」可說是台灣首支勞工短片。

This is the program for those of us who don’t take our lives too seriously, and also have the imagination to, for example, sew a giant monster costume and make a 10-minute film like Gumjilla. Fever Hotel is a murder mystery Jim Jarmusch would be proud to claim. We Are Traveling is a documentary about how to hitchhike. And Shopping Cart Boy may be one of the first Taiwanese films about working in a McJob, in this case pushing the shopping carts at RT Mart. In case you were wondering, director Hou Chi-jan made it exactly like you hoped he would.

Gumjilla 甘吱拉
Lu Xiao-wen 陸孝文 / 2008 / Taiwan 台灣 / fiction 劇情 / 10min / Ch 中
Fever Hotel 激情旅社
Zhao Jia-xian 趙家賢 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / narrative 劇情 / 14min / Ch/En 中/英
We Are Traveling
Dai Qiu-min 戴邱旻 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / 15min / Ch/En 中/英
The Body Washer
Chang Guang-hsiang 章光祥 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / experimental 實驗 / 2:30min / En 英
My Keys 我的鑰匙
Ting Szu Kong 陳祖君 / 2007 / Singapore 新加坡 / narrative 劇情 / 8min / no dialogue
Shopping Cart Boy 購物車男孩
Hou Chi-jan 侯季然 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / fiction 劇情 / 21min / Ch/En 中/英
Manly Cooking
Ross Carson / 2008 / Taiwan 台灣 / 11min / En 英


Sleepwalking Through the Mekong


John Pirozzi / 2007 / US 美國 / 68min / En&Khmer 英/柬 /Ch/En subs 中/英

一個來自美國洛杉磯的搖滾樂團和一個柬埔寨籍的女歌手,他們跨越國界,跨越文化,跨越湄公河來到女歌手的故鄉,與當地的著名音樂家合作演出,錄製新音樂。這之中會有什麼樣的驚喜發生? 本片不只是一部搖滾記錄片,導演帶我們看到的是一個穿越歷史的寫生,現代的加州衝浪搖滾融入了柬埔寨'60和'70年代的音樂,帶動的卻是一個完美的組合。

This documentary follows Dengue Fever, a rock band of west coast hipsters and a famous Cambodian female singer, who set off on a ramshackle tour through Cambodia. The odyssey is a homecoming for singer Chhom Nimol and a transformation for the rest of the band as they perform with master musicians and record new songs along the way. More than a rockumentary, the film serves up a portrait of modern Cambodia as the band tours through Phnom Penh and beyond, crossing a great cultural chasm with the same spirit of Cambodia's original rock pioneers. Music-wise, the Los Angeles combo mixes surf rock and Khmer pop from the 60s and 70s, a sound just right for a country coming to grips with history and the present.