Tuesday, April 01, 2008

4/30 (三) Wednesday

@Taipei Artist Village, 7 Beiping E. Rd., Taipei (MRT Shandao Temple)
台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號-善導寺捷運站
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Shorts 6: The Dark Side

短片六: 黑色透事

通俗電影人人愛,點燃你的長壽踢開你的藍白忘掉電視上那些瘋婆娘,紮紮實實的品嘗一下吧:警匪-->胡鬧-->恐怖片...恩,今晚的前半段大概就是這樣。喔! Ye Ol White Dragon 是那種摻點科幻的黑色電影,Gone So Far 則是..明明很古怪又很紅的現代舞台配上音樂...你知道的,很難形容,除非你自己看。

Hell yes we love a good genre flick, so get out your Long Life cigarettes, blue plastic slippers and creepy chicks in TV sets, because its time for gangsters, half-baked capers and horror flicks. At least, that’s about two-thirds of the program. Then there’s Ye Ol White Dragon, which is some kind of weird sci-fi meets film noir thing, and Gone So Far is freaky modern dance set to music that somehow resonates here.

The Smoking Gangster 三支煙
Yu Cheng-yu 游正裕 / 2008 / Taiwan 台灣 / kuso 惡搞 / 41sec / Ch/En 中/英
The Spoils 分贓
Chang Tsen-yu 張岑宇 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / fiction 劇情 / 3min / no dialogue
Ransom 讀金
Chen Jian-wei 陳建維 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / fiction 劇情 / 18min / Ch/En 中/英
Love Letter
Lam Sheung-ting 林尚霆 / 2008 / Hong Kong 香港 / 3min / no dialogue
Can't Sleep 睡著
Ed Lin 艾德林 / 2008 / Taiwan 台灣 / horror 恐怖 / 3:30min / Ch/En 中/英
Ye Ol White Dragon
Bradford Kessler / 2007 / Japan 日本 / 13 min / En/Jp/Ch 英/日/中
Muddy Doll
Kuan Hsin-yu 關欣宇 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / animation 動畫 / 6min / no dialogue
Warning: Love and Rebirth 鬼跡:愛與重生
Chen Wei-ting 陳威廷 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / horror 恐怖 / 9min / Ch/En 中/英
Gone So Far
Sandra S. Chiu 邱詩媛 / 2008 / Taiwan 台灣 / experimental 實驗 / 7:45min / no dialogue
Familiar Memories 熟悉的記憶
Jian Chen-fan 簡辰帆 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / experimental 實驗 / 3:30min / Ch/En 中/英
Le Monstre
Qiu Jun-jie 邱俊傑 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / kuso/anime 惡搞/動畫 / 1:23min / En 英
Seeing as How I'm Your Child 身為你們
Chen Yi-jun 陳宜君 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / animation 動畫 / 2:30min / Ch 中


Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning


Timo Vuorensola/ 2005/ Finland 芬蘭/ 103min/ Finnish w. Ch subs 中


This Star Trek parody may be the most watched film ever in the history of Finnish cinema, and it achieved this feat before ever seeing cinematic release. The film was entirely homemade on computers and then released on the Internet. To date, it has been downloaded at least three or four million times. A total Trekkie parody, it’s about Captain Pirk returning to earth from the future, but instead of building Star Fleet in the free republics of the west, he starts out in the Soviet Union, so instead of the USS Enterprise, he heads the CCP Kickstart. The acting is hokey and so are the jokes, but the CG animation is Hollywood quality, only better because giant badass spaceships are constantly crashing into each other and all kinds of cool shit like that.

官方網站 / web site: http://www.starwreck.com/