Tuesday, April 01, 2008

4/29 (二) Tuesday

@Taipei Artist Village, 7 Beiping E. Rd., Taipei (MRT Shandao Temple)
台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號-善導寺捷運站
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Shorts 5: Various Documents (Social Remix)

短片五: 人世人事


The first four films are documentaries, about activism to save the residents of the Lesheng Sanatorium from eviction; about the destruction of a ramshackle military village near Ximending in Taipei and the relocation of its occupants; about alcoholism; and about two taxi drivers in Wuhan, China in a swearing contest. Afterwards, Malaysian director Sim Seow Khee imagines the social consequences of all kinds of bad shit in his fiction, Metamorphosis.

Lesheng 911 樂生911
You Chang-hua 游昌樺 / 2007 / Taiwan 台灣 / documentary 記錄片 / 6min / Ch/En 中/英
Hsieh Pei-fang 謝佩芳 / 2006 / Taiwan 台灣 / documentary 記錄片 / 32min/ Ch 中
Chen Yin-ju 陳瀅如 / 2007 / Taiwan/USA 台灣/美國 / experimental 實驗 / 5min / En/Ch 英/中
Li Wen 李文 / 2006 / China 中國 / experimental 實驗 / 11min / Beijingese 北京
Metamorphosis 野獸
Sim Seow Khee 沈紹麒 / 2007 / Malaysia/Taiwan 馬來西亞/台灣 / fiction 劇情 / 24min / Ch 中
Water 水
Qiu Zhong-xun 邱中勳 / 2006 / Taiwan 台灣 / experimental 實驗 / 1:33min / no dialogue
Paulina Velazquez Solis / 2007 / Costa Rica 哥斯大黎加 / animation 動畫 / 1min / no dialogue


The Corporation


Jennifer Abbott / 2004 / US 美國 / 145 minutes/ En/Ch subtitles 英/中


本片是製片兼導演馬克.阿克巴(Mark Achbar),根據喬爾.巴肯(Joel Bakan)的「企業的性格與命運」(The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power)拍攝而成。企業最初只獲有狹隘的法律位階,是為公益而獲得政府特許的機構。美國憲法第14修正案賦予黑人平等權利,卻陰錯陽差地讓企業取得法 「人」身份。這接著引發一個新問題:企業是怎樣的人?

A documentary that traces the origins and the modern evolution of “the corporation”. The film begins with the bizarre beginnings of how a law designed to guarantee equal rights to former slaves, the 14th Amendment of the American Constitution, was co-opted to afford rights to corporations akin to that of individuals. The film takes the next step, asking the logical question that if corporations were bound by the same rules as individuals, shouldn’t they be scrutinized for behavior that is greed filled and psychopathic? More than anything, this film takes a cold hard look at how corporations have become a dominant economic and politic force, creating havoc and chaos to the environment and other benign forms of human society.

官方網站 / web site: www.thecorporation.com