Tuesday, April 01, 2008

4/24 (四) Thursday, 9pm

@ Capone's Restaurant, #312 Zhongxiao E. Rd., Sec. 4
tel: (02) 2773-3782
admission 門票 : purchase of food or drink

Standing Up
Waise Azimi / 2007/ Philippines/Afghanistan / 120min / Urdu/En subs

In June 2006 the documentary-maker Waise Azimi embedded at Camp Alamo, the Coalition partner-base to the Kabul Military Training Center, where he documented a group of Afghan men going through their indoctrination into Afghanistan's US-led Coalition forces and training to become professional soldiers in the new Afghan National Army. He spent four months with the men of Battalion 55 of the Afghan National Army and alongside US and Canadian soldiers from the Combat Arms and Collective Exercise Training sections of Training Assistance Group V. Standing Up chronicles the struggles and lives of these Afghan men from the moment they arrive at the training center to the last day of training of their training. Extensive access to the training program has provided an insiders perspective into one of the most underreported and important stories in the War Against Terror, the story of those who are Standing Up to the first line of defense.

NOTE: This is a special English-language-only screening of the documentary Standing Up. Due to limited seating, it would be best to make reservations.

Standing Up official web site: www.standingupthemovie.com