Tuesday, April 01, 2008

4/27 (日) Sunday

@Taipei Artist Village, 7 Beiping E. Rd., Taipei (MRT Shandao Temple)
台北藝術村 台北市北平東路7號-善導寺捷運站
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Shorts 3: Encounters

短片三: 偶然之事

今晚適合沉思,三部與科技/語言/影像相遇的老片,以及來自新加坡導演 Lionel Chok 的世界首映:一個老在擔心別人生活的男人。

We open Sunday meditatively, with three experimental films about encounters with technology, language and images from the past. Then comes the world premier of Singapore director Lionel Chok’s story about a man who thinks too much about the lives of others.

Stabilize This
Andreas Hottinger / 2008 / Switzerland 瑞士 / exp 實驗 / 1:45min / no dialogue
Hello Goodbye
Reto Jeltsch / 2008 / Switzerland 瑞士 / exp 實驗 / 2min / no dialogue
L'Equilibre est le libre de L'Equi
Andreas Richert / 2007 / Germany 德國 / experimental 實驗 / 6min / no dialogue
The Follow
Lionel Chok / 2008 / Singapore 新加坡 / fiction 劇情 / 17:35min / En/Ch 英/中
Check Mate
Shaun Su 蘇文聖 / Taiwan 台灣 / animation 動畫 / 3min / no dialogue


Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, Parts 2 & 3

性變態的電影異想世界 第二、三段

Sophie Feinnes / 2006 / UK 英國 / 102min / En/Ch subtitles 英/中

「當然,如果你愛電影,也愛精神分析,那這部齊澤克的這部電影導會讓你恨不得馬上看到它;但是如果你覺得你愛精神分析,而討厭電影,那看了這部片子會讓你以變態的方式愛上電影;如果你覺得你愛電影,而討厭精神分析,那這部片子會讓你愛上變態的精神分析;可是如果你討厭電影,也討厭精神分析,那看了這片子就是證明了你的變態。」– 威尼斯雙年展台灣館次策展人林宏璋

在本片的第二段和第三段裡,哲學家齊澤克提議,在兩個人的性愛關係之間,甲所因為乙的外表而幻想的情景,跟現實其實很有關聯,意思是,貌像很重要。這也就是說,每一部電影裡都會呈現兩層的意義,它表面上所談到的主題,再來就是更深入的那一層如果我們細膩的去探討它我們就會看見。在本片裡,齊澤克探討了進百年的電影歷史,他問的問題諸如:馬克斯兄弟 (Marx Brothers) 可以教我們關於淺意識運作的甚麼?在希區考克 (Hitchcock) 的驚悚傑作中,鳥為什麼要主動攻擊?齊澤克挖掘出電影隱藏的秘密與意義,且讓我們得以在現實與狂野且瘋狂的幻境中取得平衡的虛幻情節。從心理學家佛洛伊德的概念裡,例如以德、自我、超我、死亡與性慾等,齊澤克說明了視覺的語言所能帶給我們最深的焦慮。挑起我們的慾望的同時,又讓我們保持安全距離,得以馴化欲望,讓它彷彿觸手可及!

"This documentary will make you proud to call yourself a pervert" - Thom Powers, Toronto Film Festival

In parts 2 and 3 of the film, Zizek gets into the role that fantasy plays in sexual relationships, and proposes that appearances are not in fact deceiving, but instead extremely efficient. In other words, movies can tell us a lot, both at face value, and as we probe below the surface. Examining close to a century of films, he asks questions like: What can the Marx Brothers tell us about the workings of the unconscious? Or, why exactly do the birds attack in Hitchcock's masterpiece of horror? He explores the fictional structures that sustain our experience of reality and the chaotic netherworld of wild drives and desire that undermine that very experience. Time Out London described the film as “essential viewing for cinephiles of course, but also for anyone interested in the enduring power of cinema to shape our desires and fuel our dreams.”

官方網站 / web site: www.thepervertsguide.com