Tuesday, August 26, 2008

9/20 (週六 / Sat), 7:30pm

台北啤酒工場 八德路2段85號 Taiwan Beer Factory, 85 Bade Rd., Sec. 2
map / 地圖

幸福的地圖 Voyage to Happiness (60分鐘)
*followed by director talk


(Artemis Wang and Henry Lin / Taiwan / 2007)
A documentary about the human effects of women who marry their way out of poor Asian countries and into rich Asian countries, the film traces the modern history of foreign brides from Japan to Korea and Taiwan. A close look is given to how the trend began, the reasons governing the supply and demand of international marriage, and how this is changing things on both sides of the deal.

歡迎來到奈萊塢 Welcome to Nollywood (57分鐘)
(Jamie Meltzer / USA / 2007 )
奈及利亞的電影,也就是奈萊塢的電影,全部用數位影片拍攝,在西非人氣高漲,甚至比外來的好萊塢跟寶萊塢電影還要受歡迎。現在幾乎是一天完成一部電影,使奈萊塢成為全球第三大電影工業。導演詹米 • 梅澤爾 (Jamie Meltzer) 旅行到了奈及利亞的首都拉哥斯,這裡簡直就是一片混亂。他花了六週的時間,跟隨奈及利亞三位炙手可熱的導演,全面性探討奈及利亞電影獨特的性格及類型,以及對西非文化和海內外非洲人的影響。

The Nigerian film industry, known as Nollywood, has exploded as the most popular cinema in all of west Africa--even more popular than imports of Hollywood or Bollywood films-- by shooting all films on digital video. Now almost a new film is finished almost everyday and Nollywood is the third-largest film industry in the world, Traveling to the country's chaotic capitol, Lagos, director Meltzer spent six weeks following three of Nigeria's hottest directors and examining the Nigerian video-film industry as a whole, its unique character and genres, as well as its impact on the culture of west Africa and Africans at home and abroad.