Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10/18 (週六 / Sat), 7:30pm

台北啤酒工場 八德路2段85號 Taiwan Beer Factory, 85 Bade Rd., Sec. 2
map / 地圖

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
獅子山的難民樂隊 (80min)
(Zach Niles, Banker White / USA / 2005)

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars is a group of six musicians who fled their home country to escape a decade-long civil war and ended up coming together to form a band in a refugee camp. The film tracks them as they tour different refugee camps, record their first album, and return to their ravaged country for the first time since the war. It is the story of a group of men rising from the ashes to inspire a nation to believe in the healing power of music.


Random Shorts 短褲隨選 (45分鐘)
(Nichols and Charnoski / USA / 2004)
玩滑板成了出乎大家意料地受歡迎的次文。尼科爾斯 (Nichols) 和察挪斯基(Charnoski)用8釐米影片拍攝他們的滑板影片,精煉出很少在滑板界裡出現的美學觀點。這部電影是此次系列活動的最後一部,所以留下一起打發些時間,看看幾部滑板影片吧。

Skateboarding has become a bigger world subculture than maybe anyone ever thought it should be. Nichols and Charnoski make their skate films using 8mm film, which distills an aesthetic dimension of skating seldom associated with this sport-cum-lifestyle. We’re showing this as the last film on this series last night. So hang out with us and watch some skate movies.