Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10/4 ( 週六 / Sat), 7:30pm

台北啤酒工場 八德路2段85號 Taiwan Beer Factory, 85 Bade Rd., Sec. 2
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菲律賓激進主義系列短片2005-2008 (30分鐘)
Filipino Activist Shorts 2005-2008
面對著國內數不清的問題,包括政府貪腐、警察濫用暴力、民生潦倒,菲律賓的電影人們團結在一起,發出反對的聲音。這個系列主要來自Southern Tagalog Exposure激進主義電影全集,我們將會播放幾部動畫片,包括呼籲起訴菲律賓格洛麗亞·阿羅約總統的動畫短片系列 (Arrest Gloria Shorts)和其他電影。

In the face of enormous national problems, including government corruption, police brutality and abject poverty, Filipino filmmakers have banded together to create an opposition voice. One of the main collectives in called Southern Tagalog Exposure, and here we show their animations, the“Arrest Gloria Shorts,”and other films.

幫派Tribu (95分鐘)
(Jim Libiran / Philippines / 2008)
記者Jim Libiran為了他的第一部電影,走訪馬尼拉最危險的貧民窟,雇用這些青少年幫派分子在這部關於貧民窟幫派鬥爭的電影中演出。過程中他竟然真的讓這些部落幫派休戰,寫下了一個勇敢的故事。

For his first feature film, journalist Jim Libiran went into the most dangerous slum in Manila, and recruited real teenage gangsters to act in his film about the slum’s gang wars. The gangs model themselves on US hip hop stars, and view freestyle rapping as a way of life. By using real members of rival gangs as actors in the film, director Libiran both created an extreme sense of realism and brought about an even more real truce between the gangs.