Tuesday, August 26, 2008

9/14 (週日), 7:30pm

台北啤酒工場 八德路2段85號 Taiwan Beer Factory, 85 Bade Rd., Sec. 2
map / 地圖

**原來9/14放映在台北藝術公園, 因為颱風改到9/21在台灣啤酒廠.
**Originally scheduled for 9/14 at Taipei Art Park, but changed to 9/21 at Taiwan Beer Factory due to the typhoon.

洪子健的短片 Short Films by James Hong (35分鐘)
洪子健 (James Hong),一位來自舊金山的電影人,將紀錄片變成了哲學推論的工具。James的電影從來不試圖表現任何客觀事實,反而呈現出高度的主觀看法,用一種揭露和檢視的方式來支持人們對於這個世界最初的觀感。James的短片主要著眼在西方與中國及台灣的跨文化關係上。 短片包括:Suprematist Kapital (洪子健、陳瀅如導5min) 、中美關係寫照(Portrait of a Sino-American Friendship)(8min) 、台北101:旅行記錄症候群(Taipei 101: A Travelogue of Symptoms)(23min) 。

James Hong is a San Francisco-based filmmaker who has turned documentary into a discursive tool. His films do not attempt to show an objective reality, but instead present a highly subjective view of the world in a attempt to unveil and examine the concepts that underpin how we see the world in the first place. In this program, he turns his scathing eye towards the cross-cultural relationships between the West and Taiwan and China.

Films: Suprematist Kapital (5min), Portrait of a Sino-American Friendship (8min), Taipei 101: A Travelogue of Symptoms (23min)

跨越 Crossing the Line (94分鐘)

(Daniel Gordon / UK / 2007)

In 1962, a U.S. soldier sent to guard the peace in South Korea deserted his unit, walked across the most heavily fortified area on earth and defected to the Cold War enemy, the communist state of North Korea. This is the story of a man who found a happiness the global media tells us is impossible. Now, after 45 years, the story of Comrade Joe, the last American defector in North Korea, is told.