Thursday, May 24, 2007

UN07 - DAY 11 - MAY 6, 2007

We rounded out the fest with a bang at Nanhai art gallery. The highlights were a packed house for Friday nights lineup by programmer Tony Wu. It featured Tung-wang Wu's segment, which gave rise to some semi-serious debate on Taiwanese identity. A second director in focus, Lynn Chen, showed two films on Saturday.

Nanhai Gallery.

Lynn Chen talks about her "Seven Scenes About Love" and "Flight to Yesterday."

The Nanhai crowd.

Tung-wang Wu introduces "Hot Throbbing Cock"...

...and then poses with the art exhibition downstairs.

Dave and Tony Wu.

Ms. Ding from Taiwan Public Television was also there Friday working on a program about Taiwanese identity.

Tung-wang also has a friend at the Liberty Times, which provided this coverage.