Sunday, February 06, 2005

Urban Nomad 2004 rundown

urban nomad film fest 2004 –
( pateh rd.,sec 1, no. 1, taipei
March 26 & 27.

TICKETS: 1 day nt$200, 2 days nt$300

now in its third year, the nomad continues with its simple goal of promoting films made locally in taiwan, whether they’re digital or celluloid, expat or taiwanese, professional or amateur. we conceive “film” as an “idea” so here’s the best ideas we could find. also, we’d like to thank our sponsors for providing prizes that we will distribute to some of the better films this year. The following is a tentative list of films and schedule for Urban Nomad 2004

friday, march 26
opening film
The making of a legend 30 min, olwen bedford, a newspaper assignment turns at the Taipei American Club turns into a life changing event.
9:00 shorts I
Mosquito 1 min, h. gerard, 1 min, a young woman finds an innovative way to solve her mosquito problem

Street Pong 10 min, l. Arthur, outdoor ping pong,

Black dice 2 min, m. luem, a video montage of new york’s Black Dice in all of their noisy, abstract brilliance

Lady X 20 min, tc. lin, 20 min , a car chase, a shoot out, and the scramble for clues as an Internet saga arrives in Taiwan for two installments.

Atash 10 min, l. arthur, a Nantou picnic turns into a musical odyssey..

Writus concretus 15 min, m. jarret, a writer battles the dreaded writer’s block and a bad case of the blues
10pm experimental +
music performance by kola

Fuji Rock 2004 s.scanlan, 12 min, snapshots from Japan’s largest outdoor rock fest

saturday, march 27
7:30 feature

Nobody needs to know 95 min, aza jacobs, an innovative black and white feature shot entirely with security cameras, retelling the life an actor, and the pains of rebellion.
9:00 shorts II

Wild western- 7 mins, j van wersch, a trip to leofoo village reveals the last cowboys in Taiwan.

Soldiers under command, 17 mins, m. luem, the return of Christian metal band Strypper and all of their devoted fans o

One man blues – 12 mins. s. scanlan, a battle between solo blues artists: bob log and the legendary tigerman.

10pm music performance + film

d. chen and muddy river boys play a live musical score