Saturday, February 19, 2005

About Treasure Hill

Treasure Hill is a pseudo-squatter community in south Taipei (near Gungguan - 公館) that has recently been saved and reinvigorated by Taipei City government in conjunction with local arts groups and numerous artists, some of them international. Treasure Hill will be the site of Urban Nomad IIII, giving it more of a drive-in kind of feel. (But please, do not rev your two-stroke loudly during the competition section.) We are also looking into tents for an indoor section. Below, Sean has posted several views of the site. We will probably hang screens from the trees against the backdrop of the river and bridges, though there are other possibilities. Hopefully, we'll be working with a certain Finnish architect to arrange the space. Also, we hope that since the space is relatively removed from residential areas (by crowded Taipei standards), we can get back to Urban Nomad I-style and make this year's film fest more of a party.