Friday, February 25, 2005

UN05 mega-theater

Last night we met Finnish architect/designer Marco Cassagrande at The Wall for the Milk show, and when we told him about doing UN at Treasure Hill, he pulled out a pad and started sketching. This means he's going to help us design the "theater" - outdoors by the river - and he's got some pretty huge and wild ideas. A few years ago at the Venice Biennale for Architecture, Marco salvaged a derelict barge from the harbor and converted it into a floating park. It's just one of his internationally recogized projects, more at Cassagrande Laboratory web site. Basically, we're psyched to be working with him because 1) he'll be able to pull off something huge and hugely cool, and 2) the recycling ethos means it won't cost much.

Other news, also at The Wall last night: met up with Yuken, a Japanese friend of a friend (thanks Ozawa!), who will also be contributing some films. He's an artist/filmmaker from Tokyo/Toronto now in Taipei.