Thursday, February 03, 2005

Meeting Notes

Just an update.

At our exec meeting held over a few pints of guinness at the tavern, we have agreed to the following items.

1) we will begin a blog.
2) we will host the festival on March 25 & 26th
3) we will have tents
4) and the festival will be held at Treasure Hill (application pending)

Films mentioned for possible inclusion in the festival include:
1) "Manipulation" by Darrel Gallant
2) "Above and Below" by Paul Barlow
3) "Rendez Vous with the Moon" by Dean Karalakas.
(if you are one of the abovementioend films or filmmakers, can you send me a copy right away... me address is Kin Men STreet, Lane 12, Sublane 1, No. 2, Taipei Taiwan)

Tim Hogan sent me a text message which I will attempt to answer. The question pertains to our special 5-minute competion segment where we ask filmmakers to include this scene in their movie.

The scene involves a cell phone, and the following text message "Where are you?".