Thursday, December 17, 2009

若下雨,座位有限 / rain = limited seats

大家好,我們真希望今天 (12月18日)晚上7點鐘的時候地是乾的,這樣影片能在戶外播放。不過如果下雨的話,就要把放映的部份移到室內,很可惜的是,室內的座位有限,請大家原諒。(反過來,客滿的房間會暖一點阿)之外,《移動人》展覽,遊牧影展的裝置區,9點鐘的party等活動都還是正常進行,都沒有容量的問題,所以還是希望與大家見面!

hi all, we are hoping to have the screening outdoors tonight (12/18), where we can accommodate the most people, but if it rains, we will have to move indoors and seats will be limited. in this case, we hope you will understand and bear with us (though on the upside, a packed house will keep everyone warmer). the Mobile Man exhibition and the exhibition reception will not be affected in any way by the weather, so in any event, it will be great to see you there.