Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011/4/30 VIDEO MINDFUCK PARTY 布魯克林的超屌迷幻團、古根漢幻覺藝術家環場視效、台灣DJ和樂團的藝術搞怪盛會!(現場演出)

with Danny Perez, Visual Artist from ANIMAL COLLECTIVE “Oddsac”
I.U.D, with Lizzi Bougatsos of GANG GANG DANCE
and Sadie Laska from GROWING

今年春天最囂張的party 絕無僅有的視覺與音樂爆腦現場
別再猶豫 潛進新幻想世代


這個概念是當初UN和Danny Perez相遇時誔生的。Perez是與鬼才異種樂隊Animal Collective合作拍攝Oddsac這張視覺專輯的導演。我們寫信請Danny來台北辦個活動,他回答道:「搞點瘋狂的吧,來弄個Video mindfuck party」超讚的!我們馬上就說好(有什麼好遲疑?)加上來自布魯克林人氣獨立樂團Gang Gang Dance裡 Lizzi Bougatsos所組的前衛實驗女子團體I.U.D.,這樣的陣容,只能請你做好準備,我們要大閙一番!

時間:2011430日(六) 晚上


Animal Collective共同創作 古根漢前衛視覺藝術家
Animal Collective和視覺藝術家Danny Perez的合作是很自然的。Perez本身已導演過數部MV,其中包括了實驗樂團 Black Dice 和 Animal Collective成員 Panda Bear。Danny運用了一貫的DIY精神,揉合原始與前衛科技而創造出一種特有的視覺風格。自發行「Oddsac」以來,他持續與Animal Collective合作在世界知名的現代藝術館創作現場裝置藝術,其中還包括紐約古根漢美術館和巴黎龐畢度中心。這次遊牧給了Danny四台高輸出投影機和一座空倉庫,他挑選了紐約的藝術搖滾團I.U.D.共同創作本次演出的音樂。

關於「Oddsac」:美國最夯的獨立搖滾團Animal Collective 是Coachella等各大搖滾節的主秀團。他們也曾以名曲「Summertime Clothes」成功地打進商業電台。在最新專輯中,他們更以「視覺專輯」這種同時進行音樂與視覺創作的斬新手法挑戰全新領域。這張與導演Danny Perez合作的專輯「Oddsac」(2010)就在2010年日舞影展首演。其中Animal Collective量身打造的十三首曲可是別的地方聽不到的喔。此片帶領著觀眾從黏綢的黑油到詭異的煉獄甚至到了有山妖洗蛋的林中溪流。透著一股迷幻而邪惡的氣息。雖然音樂型態屬電子原聲-非常有現代感,甚至讓人有種與之共舞的感覺-但核心概念還是回溯到70年代的迷幻音樂,如Pink Floyd的「The Wall」和The Who的「Tommy」。團員Panda Bear說明了電影的概念是「閉著眼聽Animal Collective的音樂時腦中會浮現的影象」。「Oddsac」也將在城市遊牧影展放映,放映場次即將公布!

Gang Gang Dance女主唱領軍 紐約怪奇電子雙人組
I.U.D. 是來自紐約布魯克林的前衛實驗樂團。主成員為人氣樂團Gang Gang Dance的Lizzi Bougatzos和Sadie Laska。兩人都是鼓手,也帶進了各式的電子節奏和弦律。以取樣(sample)建構樂曲的同時,Lizzi用嘯妖般的高音飆出瘋狂而不可解的歌聲和嘶吼。他們的曲風融合了粗藝術搖滾、工業噪音、以及無浪放克,並曾被Boredoms、Front242、和 Butthole Surfers等樂團相比擬。雖然Lizzi在獨立樂界成名已久,也曾在 Fuji rock, Coachella 和其他大型歐洲音樂祭演奏;I.U.D.卻是個在2010創立的新團。這將會是他們第一次在亞洲的演出,說起來可是他們第一次出國表演呢!台北!我們搶到頭香啦!

*售票方式即將公開 敬請期待

VIDEO MINDFUCK PARTY The short story here is that for the 10th Urban Nomad, we’re gonna kick an oldschool warehouse party with a freak-out psychedelic band from Brooklyn, huge visuals and our favorite local bands and DJs. This will count as both a serious art happening and the funnest, weirdest party we’ve ever had.

The idea started out when Urban Nomad contacted Danny Perez, the director of Oddsac, a “visual album” with music by the hugely popular indie rock group Animal Collective. When we emailed Danny and asked him to do an event in Taipei, he wrote said, let’s do something really freaky, let’s do a “video mindfuck party.” We thought that was awesome and it only took us about one second to say yes. So we’ve invited Perez to perform at Urban Nomad with the Brooklyn-based art-rock band I.U.D., a new project by Lizzi Bougatsos of the popular indie band Gang Gang Dance. We’re also going to show the film Oddsac as part of the festival. Get ready to trip hard.

The collaboration between Animal Collective and visual artist Danny Perez came pretty naturally, as Perez had already directed a number of music videos and for other experimental bands such as Black Dice and Animal Collective member, Panda Bear. Danny embodies the same DIY spirit and has created a unique visual look that mixes lo-fi techniques with new technology. Since the release of “Oddsac,”he’s continued working with Animal Collective to produce live installations in some of the world’s top museums for modern art, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris. For Urban Nomad, we’re giving Danny four high power projectors and an empty warehouse. He chose the New York art-rock band I.U.D. to create the music for this performance.

Animal Collective, one of America’s top indie bands, is now a top headliner at big rock festivals like Coachella and has even broken through to commercial radio success with songs like the hit “Summertime Clothes.” But for their latest album, the decided to go into groundbreaking territory with a “visual album” in which both music and visuals were created together. The result was “Oddsac” (2010), a collaboration with director Danny Perez that debuted at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and features 13 tracks by Animal Collective that you won’t hear anywhere else. In the film, one goes from gooey black oil to some bizarre inferno to mountains streams where goblins wash eggs in a mountain stream. It is hallucinatory and wicked. While the sound is electro-acoustic, very modern and even perhaps oddly danceable, the idea goes back to psychedelic concept albums of the 1970s like “The Wall” by Pink Floyd and “Tommy” by The Who. Band member Panda Bear described the movie, saying the idea was to "create a movie that would have visuals similar to what somebody would see if they closed their eyes while listening to Animal Collective's music." Danny Perez will be in Taipei to introduce the screening, hang out, and maybe even DJ.

I.U.D. is a tribal-freakout band from Brooklyn, NY that features Lizzi Bougatsos of the highly popular musical group Gang Gang Dance and Sadie Laska. Both play drums, and they also bring in all kinds of electronic beats, melodies and samples while Lizzi wails out crazy, incomprehensible siren shrieks and melodies. Their sound is a mix of low-fi art rock, industrial noise and no-wave funk, and the music has been compared to bands like the Boredoms, Front 242 and the freakout jams of the Butthole Surfers. Even though Lizzi is famous in the world of indie rock and has played Fuji Rock, Coachella and lots of big European music festivals, I.U.D. is a brand new band formed in 2010. This will be the first time they ever play in Asia, or for that matter, outside of the US, so Taipei gets to see them first!