Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Huashan, Warehouse #E3, Bade Rd, Sec 1, #1
華山創意園區 烏梅酒廠 台北市八德路一段1號
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在假如我是真的裡,一位外科醫生請電影工作者紀錄下他結束自己生命前的最後幾天因為他得了不治之症愛滋病但結局卻急轉直下出乎大家的預料,〈The Hobby〉一部同樣詭譎的法國片述說著如何習以承擔生活,〈極光〉就像環保主題的 「 樂一通(華納兔寶寶) 」 緊接著我們會連續播放兩部衝浪的影片。

In ON/OFF, a doctor tells a filmmaker he has AIDS and asks him to document his final days before he commits suicide, and then the film gets seriously weird. THE HOBBY, French and also bizarre, is about habituating to life as an undertaker. SKYLIGHT is like Looney Tunes for the eco movement. And then we have two killer surf vids as a segue to the feature.

On/Off 假如我是真的
鄭國豪 Tey Kok Hau / 2009 / TW / 32min / 中/英
Ant Wave
Jason Sedor / 2009 / TW / 1min
The Hobby
Nicolas Zappi / 2009 / France / 15min Fr/En
David Baas / 2009 / Canada / 4min / En
Summer 2007
Jason Sedor / 2009 / Taiwan / 6min
Cypher: Quicksilver Vision
James Tierney / 2010 / US / 14min / 無對話

Rob Stewart/2006/加拿大/89分鐘


導演羅勃‧史都華Rob Stewart熱愛潛水,穿梭在悠藍大海中讓他深深地愛上了兇猛而美麗的鯊魚,然而,他不禁為鯊魚垂淚,因為,每年一百萬頭鯊魚枉死造成全球鯊魚數量銳減,鯊魚存亡岌岌可危,導演史都華憑著一股對海洋的熱愛,決心找出殘殺鯊魚的真兇並記錄鯊魚兇面利齒背後的弱小與無助‧中華頂級料理,魚翅湯,原料來自鯊魚的背鰭,為滿足台港華人的口腹之慾,每年大量鯊魚遭不人道捕殺,許多甚至削去背鰭後被丟回海中,任其慘死,導演史都華深入調查,竟發現台灣黑道涉入其間,控制魚翅黑市,勢力遠至中美洲。為阻止非法捕殺,史都華加入海洋守護者協會,巡防遠洋非法捕鯨、獵鯊行為,為此,他會捲入怎樣的風暴之中?衝突一觸即發,搶救鯊魚總動員,開始!

Filmmaker Rob Stewart is a free diver and self-professed shark lover, who has seen shark populations worldwide decimated. The film, named one of “Canada’s Top 10” at the Toronto International Film Festival, estimates around 100 million sharks are being harvested each year, and many of them simply have their fins cut off and are thrown back into the ocean. Shark fins feed a growing trade in shark’s fin soup, a delicacy in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Taiwan and an illegal trade which Stewart discovers is being controlled by the Taiwanese mafia as far away as central America. In his quest to stop illegal shark fishing, he joins the crew of Sea Shepherd, and infamous activist group known for battling illegal fishing and whaling operations on the high seas. Together, they enter into dangerous confrontations at sea and even face jail in the courts of Costa Rica.

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