Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bu Hua 卜樺 + ICE CREAM

8/29 (六) Saturday 16:40-18:00
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節目 // Program
野蛮丛生 / Savage Growth / 3'52"
猫 / Cat / 5'30"
病之城 / Sick City / 7'05"
青春有害健康 / Youth Does Harm to Health / 3'18"
未来荒 / Last Phases of the Future / 3'08"
慌慌 / Anxiety / 3'25"
人造仙境 / Manmade Fairyland / 25'

來自網絡的 Flash 動畫次文化年輕創作者,卜樺住北京,曾參與過兩屆城市遊牧影展。因為她的作品太吊了,這也不是說我們喜歡她而已,2008年她參與釜山雙年展與上海雙年展亞洲的兩個大雙年展,最近大陸歌手左小詛咒也請她做一個新MV,受藝術與獨立音樂各種肯定,所以這次很高興能與卜樺合作在 Art Taipei 2009,做這個特別的節目。以下是卜樺的一個簡單訪問,讓大家更了解她的作品:





斯洛文尼亞graphic art雙年展斯洛文尼亞
《身份與傳播》2007.8韓國Sungsan Art Hall

Bu Hua got her chops in the China's flash animation web sites, a free-trade zone for ideas that's a universe unto itself. Even though we have been showing her work for the last two years, it's not just that we love her stuff. In 2008, she was invited to show works in the Pusan and Shanghai Biennials, and she has lately been comissioned to create a music video for legendary Beijing indie singer Zuoxiao Zuzhou. To help you understand Bu Hua's works a bit more by letting her speak for herself, here is a short interview conducted specially for this exhibition:

Who is the girl in your animations? Is it you?
Lots of people see the figure in my digital drawings and ask, "Isn’t that you?" I’m starting to think she’s not. Lately, the expression I’ve been giving her has been really detached, with no smile. Now, suddenly I feel like she’s taking on a life of her own.

What kind of world does this girl live in?
Basically it's what you might call the different phases of my own psychic world. The scenes are wild, nostalgic and surreal. They express feelings and states of mind from real life.

Why do you like to use Flash to make art?
My take on life is that the thing I'm really after is freedom. Making "art" is the best route for taking me there, and using Flash is one of the best routes to making "art" I've found. In the end, everything is about states of mind. But independence is not the same as freedom. There are many people who are independent, but few who are free. So what does it mean for a person to be free? My answer is simple: To fear nothing is to be free. And the companion of freedom is true happiness.

Is the Internet an important place for young people to express themselves? Is it important for you?
Of course it's really important. For the new generation, it's changed the nature of our place on earth. I really hate to go out and "sell myself," and now I don't have to. A lot of people can just stay home and do the things they like to do, and as for the rest, people will come find them.

Bu Hua: Selected List of Exhbitions:
1991-1995 Central Institute of Arts and Design (Beijing)
1996-1998 Amsterdam School of the Arts
Solo exhibition, DAC (Digital Art of China), Beijing
Solo exhibition, Shanghai Shengling Gallery
Biennial of Graphic Arts, Slovenia
2008 Shanghai Biennial
2008 Pusan Biennial
"Infantization" (group show) MoCA, Taipei
"Infantization" (group show) Shanghai Art Museum